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New PING G400 Series



The long-awaited release of the G400 series from PING is finally upon us. Replacing the popular G range, the new G400 series features a host of new innovations and technologies said to take performance levels to new heights.

Like in the G range, the G400 trio of drivers are designed with multiple game-improving technologies like different launch and ball capabilities, a faster forged face, higher balls speed, a smaller more streamlined clubhead to maximize swing speed, improved sound and feel and a distinctive paint shift technology on the shaft.

The Ping G400 fairway woods and hybrids are made from a stronger maraging steel, providing a thinner, lighter clubface to promote greater ball speed while ensuring forgiveness. With a drastically different look than the original G Crossover and an improved tungsten toe weighting system, the G400 Crossover gets the ball in the air a little easier and has a hotter face to better hold its line on mishits than its predecessor.

Last but certainly not least, the Ping G400 iron features a new top rail undercut that combines with improved COR-Eye technology to allow the face to flex more at impact, leading to higher launch and more ball speed.

PING G400 Driver

G400_Driver_Soleview_AdImageThe new PING G400 Driver has a multi-material design that combines drag-reducing technology with a speed-inducing forged face and MOI-raising tungsten sole weight to deliver longer drives and fairway-finding forgiveness. With a streamlined design combined with turbulators and Vortec Technology, the G400 driver’s advanced aerodynamics produce 15% less drag for improved clubhead speed.

With a thinner face to increase face flex by 16% and a unique internal rib structure, the G400 driver delivers a powerful sound and feel. Its forged face is precision machined to produce hotter ball speeds for more distance (approximately 5 yards) across the entire face. All with a combined MOI over 9000, giving the G400 the deepest CG location in golf and elevating stability and forgiveness to PING’s highest levels ever.

Established in the G400 driver is Dragonfly Technology, an ultra-thin crown and skirt that produces less weight, increases MOI and optimizes CG location. Overall, PING engineers had 3-times more discretionary weight to use to increase the MOI and optimize the position of the center of gravity.

One of the more unique aspects of the G400 driver is its premium copper shaft paint that transitions to black as you address the ball. Complimented by the unique paint, the Alta CB shaft’s counter-balance design allows for more mass in head to increase energy transfer.


PING G400 Fairway Woods & Hybrids

G400_FairwaySoleView_AdImageThe G400 Fairway wood’s ball speed and stopping power come from an innovative steel face that flexes 30% more than any previous design – making it PING’s hottest, highest launching fairway wood ever. Coming down the face of the club is a low lead edge and new, bolder, turbulators to elevate your ball flight and confidence from any distance.

Like the fairway woods, the G400 hybrids are an ideal option when gapping your set for mid-to-long distance shots. G400 hybrids combine maraging steel faces with CG optimization to deliver more distance and forgiveness. Off the clubface, hotter ball speeds launch shots higher and farther while internal weighting keeps your ball flight on line and under control.

The PING G400 fairways and hybrids are built with maraging steel, one of the strongest and most flexible alloys in the world and is an ideal face material to deliver faster ball speeds that launch shots farther, higher and straighter.

Accompanying the maraging steel face is its cascading sole, which engages at impact to increase face flexing for higher launch, and an ultra-thin 17-4 SS crown cast to .48mm for weight savings to increase MOI and optimize CG location.


PING G400 Crossover

G400Crossover_3SoleRenderThe precision, workability and control of an iron combined with the ball speed and forgiveness of a hybrid make the G400 Crossover a high-performance and versatile option for golfers of all skill levels. The maraging steel face delivers faster ball speeds and higher launch to produce 30% more stopping power. The addition of a tungsten toe weight increases forgiveness resulting in 17% tighter dispersion. Turf interaction is greatly improved with a thinner sole.

Like the G400 line of woods and hybrids, the PING G400 crossover is built with maraging steel, one of the strongest and most flexible alloys in the world and is an ideal face material to deliver faster ball speeds that launch shots farther, higher (20%) and straighter.

Each crossover is built with an externally joined 20-gram toe weight for higher MOI and greater forgiveness along with a thinner hybrid style sole for a more consistent turf interaction. The G400 crossover has iron-like gearing and forward CG placement, creating 45% less shot bend and 40% more spin. In addition, the crossovers are designed with a hydropearl chrome finish giving it 40% less friction and improves launch and spin in wet conditions and rough. The result is more control and predictability for golfers.


PING G400 Iron Technology

 G400_Iron7Cavity_AdImageThe PING G400 irons are built with face flexing technology that launch the ball faster and higher so you’ll enjoy more distance with the stopping power and feel to hit approach shots closer than ever. Imagine hitting one less club to the green with the height of two less clubs – giving you tour-player type performance with the forgiveness you need to find the putting surface more often.

The COR-Eye Technology in the G400 irons produce faster ball speeds and generate gains in distance and shot height for stopping power. Combined with COR-Eye Technology, the Toprail Undercut Cavity amplifies and expands face flexing (18% more) to increase ball speed and launch the ball higher. Each G400 iron is built with Hyper 17-4 Stainless steel to increase strength.

A full cavity badge enriches impact response to improve sound and feel. Larger Custom Tuning Port saves weight for expanded perimeter weighting and elastomer insert fine tunes swingweight. The G400 irons are designed with a premium hydropearl chrome finish giving it 40% less friction and improves launch and spin in wet conditions and rough.

All of the features above come standard in the new PING G400 line of clubs with the following fitting options:


  • Standard version available in 9⁰ and 10.5⁰ lofts
  • LST (Low Spin) available in 8.5⁰ and 10⁰ lofts
  • SFT (Straight Flight) available in 10⁰ and 12⁰ lofts
  • Trajectory Tuning Technology 2.0: Lightweight, aerodynamic hosel adjusts +- 1 degree.


  • Available: 3 (14.5⁰), 5 (17.5⁰), 7 (20.5⁰) and 9 wood (23.5⁰)
  • SFT (Straight Flight) options: 3 (16⁰), 5 (19⁰) and 7 (22⁰) woods
  • Stretch 3 wood (13⁰)


  • Available: 2 (17⁰), 3 (19⁰), 4 (22⁰), 5 (26⁰), and 6 (30⁰) hybrids


  • PING G400 Men’s
    • 4-PW + GW
    • 4-PW + SW
    • 5-PW + GW + SW
    • AWT 2.0 regular or stiff flex, Alta CB iron shaft in regular, senior or stiff (5-PW)
  • PING G400 Women’s
    • 4-PW + GW
    • 4-PW + SW
    • 5-PW + GW + SW
    • 5-PW + GW
    • 6-PW +GW + SW
    • TFC shaft ladies flex

The PING G400 series of clubs are now available for pre-sale and will be available for purchase on July 27th, 2017. Enter to win a chance for a VIP fitting at the PING facility. Sign up today at!