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New Titleist T-Series Irons Review and Comparison for 2023

Every iron model in the new Titleist T-series irons line

The Titleist T-series irons are some of the most beloved irons in golf, and golfers of all experience levels closely follow the releases for this line. The new Titleist T-series irons of 2023 promise improvements on the few critiques that users had of the outgoing models, and overhauled a couple of the models to ensure they meet the needs of every golfer.

We got a chance to play 9 holes with the new T-series irons:

Through this experience, we experienced first-hand many of the changes that Titleist made to the new lineup.

The T-series includes the following models:

  • T100
  • T150
  • T200
  • T350

Let’s dive straight into their key features, then break down what each has to offer in more detail.

T100 Smallest headMost workable iron on the listEnhanced back bar to create a more solid impact feelNew Variable Bounce (VB) sole to improve turf interactionTungsten weights in the heel and toe of the back cavity to improve CG and forgiveness
T150 Replaced the 100S model2-degree stronger loft compared to T100 for more aggressive ball flightSlightly larger head than T100 for increased distance and forgivenessAlso includes perimeter tungsten weights and a new VB sole
T200 Reengineered chassis to improve sound and feel at impactIncludes perimeter tungsten weights and a new VB sole1-1.5 degree stronger loft than T150 for even more focus on adding distance and improving gameAnother step larger than the T150 in the head
T350 Largest head in the lineupHollow-body construction to improve forgiveness and launch off the faceAnother 0.5-1.5 degrees of stronger loft to improve distance and game improvement even furtherIncludes perimeter tungsten weights and a new VB soleLess workable than the rest but by far the most forgiving head design

New Titleist T-Series Irons Comparison


The 2023 Titleist T100 Irons

The T100 Irons have always been a favorite of more experienced golfers that value workability over game improvement. This means that those golfers that already have consistent distances and shot metrics dialed in love the T100s because they make it easier to work the ball left or right or alter the trajectory by changing swing path or descent angle.

This workability is a double-edged sword, as more workable irons are typically less forgiving since they are designed to allow slight adjustments to impact shot shape and trajectory. So, golfers with less consistent swings would likely be better off with a less workable iron that will focus more on keeping a straighter ball flight on off-center shots.


The 2023 Titleist T150 Irons

For those that like the workability of the T100s but need a bit more distance or lower trajectory out of their irons, Titleist designed the T150s. This is a new model, replacing the T100S from the previous release, and it is meant to bring almost everything to the table that the T100 does with a 2-degree more aggressive loft and a slightly larger head.

For those that love the T100s but need just a touch more forgiveness or distance out of their irons, the T150s are a great pick. For those looking for more game improvement-focused irons, Titleist still has great options.


The 2023 Titleist T200 Irons

Titleist’s “ultimate distance iron,” the T200, is focused on providing maximum distance and improved forgiveness while still providing a decent amount of workability. These irons are great for those that need help getting more distance out of their irons. This means golfers that lean toward higher shot trajectories with shorter carry distances will love the T200s, as they are designed with even stronger lofts than the T150s and provide even more ball speed.


The 2023 Titleist T350 Irons

The T350 is the game improvement-focused iron, and it shows in its unique construction among the rest of the lineup. They use a larger hollow-body head to improve forgiveness, turf interaction, and maintain ball speed to keep off-center shots straight post-impact. As a result, they are the least workable irons on the list, but this will serve golfers that need help straightening out their flight pattern extremely well. They also have the strongest lofts of all of the irons, so they help increase distance as well.

What Does a Fitting Look Like for T-Series Irons?

We set up a demo fitting with one of our Titleist brand experts at our Roger Dunn Santa Ana location. Here, viewers can get see exactly how our world-class staff will determine the right iron, and specifications, for them:

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