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Nike Golf Store at Roger Dunn Golf Superstores of Santa Ana, CA

Worldwide Golf Shops President Al Morris sat down with us to discuss the brand new, state of the art, Nike Golf Store inside the Roger Dunn Golf Shops Superstore in Santa Ana, California.

roger-dunn-open-email 2-1WGS Blog: Tell us what is going on in the Roger Dunn Golf Superstore in Santa Ana, California?
Al Morris: Nike has partnered with Worldwide Golf and Roger Dunn to develop a new shop environment inside our Santa Ana location.

WGS Blog: How was this idea born/how did it come about?
Al Morris:  Nike has done this type of concept with other categories such as Basketball and they were looking for the right retail partner in Golf. They approached us, we liked the idea and we worked together to make it happen.

roger-dunn-open-email 2-3WGS Blog: What’s different about this as opposed to another vendor area in the store?
Al Morris: The space allows Nike to tell a head-to-toe product story to consumers. He or she can experience all categories together as one brand without having to go from department to department in the store. The consumer can view and try on a wide assortment of apparel and footwear, as well as demo and get fit for a club or trial a golf ball all in one place.

WGS Blog: Share with us a little bit about the custom fitting area for Nike equipment.
Al Morris:: Nike has developed a full hitting bay and simulator within the same retail space, allowing consumers to trial head-to-toe product together, not just swing a club. At any time during store hours, consumers can go through a full simulator fitting or just trial a club. There is also a unique Driver experience for those consumers wanting a custom fit driver that is built on-site and can be taken home the same day.

WGS Blog: In what ways will the apparel and footwear piece of the experience be different than in a typical off course retail store?roger-dunn-open-email 2-2
Al Morris: Having the footwear and apparel sit together as part of the consumer’s journey through the space is unique. Consumers can put full head-to-toe looks together and trial it in full swing in the fitting environment if they choose. We also have a Nike representative there to help the consumer find what he or she is looking for, share new product innovations and help find the right fit.

WGS Blog: Other than fitting and shopping, what else will be going on in the Nike Shop at Roger Dunn?
Al Morris: Throughout the month consumers can see what is happening in the space as well as around the Southern California golf community by checking out the Community board. Throughout each month there will be full custom-fit sessions on Nike club and ball product, special game-improvement clinics, plus some fun contests for longest drive, putting challenges and more. It’s important to us that customers understand our commitment to being plugged-in to the local area, and this space certainly does its part. Hopefully the local connection further inspires our customers to get out and have fun playing golf.

WGS Blog: Grand opening date?
Al Morris: The space officially opens May 20 with an informal open house, while the official Grand Opening event is tentatively scheduled for mid to late June, with confirmation of the exact dates to be announced soon.