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Odyssey Keeps Rolling With Microhinge

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post

odyssey-oworks-1-hero-2017-73069642535Odyssey has made a name for itself with putters the past couple of decades through the development of new technologies, from the White Hot insert that was designed to improve roll and feel to the 2-Ball and Versa flat sticks that were made to make it easier to line up putts. Now come the new O-Works offerings and something called Microhinge.

odyssey-oworks-R-Line-face-2017-73070032535Microhinge is a face insert technology that consists of two pieces. One is a 304 stainless steel hinge plate, and it is co-molded to a soft, thermoplastic elastomer inner layer that is populated with “microhinges” that gently flex and rebound at impact so that golfers can produce forward spin on their putts – and achieve a more stable, pure and
controlled roll to the hole.

“Tour pros are much better putters than amateur golfers, partly because tour professionals impart forward spin at impact,” says Austie Rollinson, Odyssey’s chief designer. “Microhinge technology promotes the kind of tour-level forward spin that can immediately help golfers at any level.”

odyssey-oworks-2-ball-hero-2017-73070852535While Microhinge is the biggest news with these new flat sticks, it is just part of the technology story. They also employ what Rollinson describes as a new and improved Versa alignment system.

The O-Works putters are available in several head shapes, including blades (#1, #1 Wide, #2 and #9) and mallets (#7, 2-ball, V-Line Face CH and R-Line). A Tank counterbalanced version is offered in both blade (#1) and mallets.

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post.