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Odyssey O-Works Red & Black Putters



Odyssey is the #1 Putter across the major worldwide tours, and they continue to dominate with the most worldwide putter wins of any brand this year. As the established leader on tour, it’s Odyssey’s mission to constantly work with the world’s best players, and take what they learn from them to develop high performance designs that help every golfer make more putts.

The new O-Works Red & Black Putters were driven by extensive feedback from Odyssey staffers. Some players prefer a clean, simple look at address. The all-black finish has been a popular choice with pros for years but a number of them have asked to test models with an all-red or all-black finish accompanied by Odyssey’s revolutionary Microhinge insert technology. Odyssey immediately jumped on the opportunity and had these prototypes out at events and immediately saw in testing that the pros absolutely loved them. The classic look of the black finish has been a popular choice among pros and amateurs alike, but the red head color has been generating interest. It is well known that if the best players like something and putt well with it, amateur golfers are definitely going to like it too.


Odyssey has set the standard that everyone looks up to for insert innovation since they introduced their legendary White Hot, and now they’ve reached an unprecedented level of performance with Microhinge. This insert technology has proven itself on Tour from the first-time Phil Mickelson put it into play three months before it was even released, creating a new way to roll for pros and amateurs alike. Odyssey’s R&D department put a major focus on the effect of the insert at impact, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Odyssey is bringing out the O-Works Red in some of the most popular head shapes of all-time; the iconic 2-Ball and the #7. The 2-Ball is the best-selling head shape ever, and both of these models have dominated Tour events and major championships for years. As a commitment to relentless innovation, Odyssey is introducing two new head shapes to compliment the trend of staff pros shifting more towards mallet and midsized putters.

One new head shape coming out is the #3T Black, a heel-shafted design to fall in line with the recent trend of pros moving to mallet shaped putters. Accompanying the #3T is the #2M CS Black, an innovative center-shafted mallet shape putter. Odyssey saved the best for last with the #7S, a short slant neck version of the popular #7 head designed to promote more toe hang.

 Unmatched Roll with a New Microhinge Face Insert

O-Works #yeahThis new technology in the Microhinge Face Insert changes the way people look at roll off the putter face. The built-in technology promotes remarkable increases in topspin and roll at impact regardless of your stroke. A stainless steel Microhinge plate is co-molded into the Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer, providing great feel and gets the ball into a better roll at impact.

New Red & Black Finishes Driven by Tour Feedback

Some players like a clean, simple look at address and the black finish has been tremendously popular among staff pros for years. Recently, Odyssey developed the all-red finish due to overwhelming request from a number of staff pros. Several of them mentioned that they wanted a red or black head color with the Microhinge insert. The result is an unbelievable setup that all players will love.

Tour Proven Shapes & An Innovative #7S

The Odyssey O-Works models have been some of the most prolific putters that have dominated tour events and major championships for years. As the #1 putter across the major worldwide tours, Odyssey is constantly working to develop and tweak shapes for ultimate performance. And with many players moving into mallets this year, Odyssey is introducing innovative new designs like the #3T Black, #2M CS Black Mallet with a center shaft, and the #7S Red/Black, a short slant neck hosel version of the popular O-Works #7 that provides more toe hang, which has become a popular setup for the pros.

The Odyssey O-Works Red or Black line of putters will be available for pre-sale on Friday, July 21, 2017 and available for purchase on Friday, August 4, 2017.