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Odyssey Putters: Biggest Winners

Odyssey putters

The Odyssey lineup of putters has established itself as a top choice among golfers of all experience levels, thanks to its exceptional quality and diverse range of options. In 2023, Odyssey introduced an impressive expansion to their putter lineup, further enhancing their offerings. In this article, we will explore the best putters from Odyssey and identify which golfers would benefit most from each line.

In this review, we will focus on seven distinct putter lines:

  • The Odyssey DFX
  • The White Hot OG
  • The White Hot Versa
  • The Tri-Hot 5k
  • The Eleven Series
  • The Ten Series
  • Toulon Design

Most of these lines feature the timeless Odyssey head shapes that golfers have come to love, with a few exceptions. Our discussion will encompass the unique qualities, price range, and the specific type of golfer who should consider purchasing each putter.

The Odyssey DFX (MSRP $149.99)

The DFX line of putters is designed to create the softest possible putting surface at an affordable price. With a putting face even softer than their iconic White Hot inserts, the DFX is made to provide maximum forgiveness and a soft feel primarily through the material used on the face. 

Odyssey DFX Features
DFX Insert Odyssey’s softest face material insert (20% softer than the White Hot)
Classic Odyssey Shapes in Premium Black Finish w/ White Alignment The contrast between the white finish of the putter head and the white alignment lines provides clear and readable alignment assistance.

The DFX line is made for the value-driven buyer looking for increased forgiveness without breaking the bank.

The White Hot OG (MSRP $199)

The original White Hot putter line is Callaway’s most popular putter design of all time. The design is focused on creating the perfect blend of performance and forgiveness through effective weight balancing and their premium White Hot insert that gives the putter face enough give to keep off-center balls going straight.

White Hot OG Features
White Hot Insert Odyssey’s most iconic face insert, made of the same material as the Callaway Rule 35 ball that came out around the same time. This face insert provides the perfect combination of forgiveness and feedback.
Classic Odyssey Shapes in Rich Silver Finish The rich silver finish gives the White Hot OG putters a prestigious and timeless look that matches the pedigree of the design itself.

The White Hot OG putters are best for players looking for a putter with a pretty even balance of forgiveness and feel at contact.

The White Hot Versa (MSRP $259.99)

The White Hot Versa line of putters is the direct evolution of the White Hot OG design. Since the White Hot line came out in 2013 and was quickly a fan favorite, Odyssey took the time in 2023 to reinvigorate it and improve on their most iconic design. Think of it as a “White Hot OG +” with all of the same classic Odyssey shapes, and the same White Hot face insert, but with added features like perimeter weights, high-contrast alignment aids, and the upgraded Stroke Lab shaft.

White Hot Versa Features
Heel/Toe Weighting Weights at the heel and toe of the head that increase forgiveness on the putter face, and can be changed if needed to find the perfect balance.
Classic Odyssey Shapes with Versa Alignment The Versa alignment adds sections of jet black alongside bright white sections and trims to offer the highest level of contrast behind the ball. This alignment design has been proven to improve the alignment of golfers that use it in Callaway’s testing.
Red Stroke Lab Shaft The Stroke Lab shaft decreases the weight in the center of the shaft, adding more weight to the ends to improve stroke shape consistency. 
White Hot Insert The same White Hot Insert provisioning the perfect balance of forgiveness and feel.

The White Hot Versa, originally introduced in 2013 and swiftly embraced by fans, remains a top choice for golfers seeking exceptional alignment and balance. Odyssey’s recent revitalization of the beloved Versa line has solidified its position as a favorite among players looking for easy alignment and superior balance.

The Tri-Hot 5k (MSRP $399.99)

The Tri-Hot 5k represents a notable price jump, but it is certainly justified by the exceptional features it offers. This particular line stands out as the first to incorporate a multi-material head construction, enabling advanced weight distribution techniques. The utilization of lightweight aluminum for the body, combined with heavier tungsten for the integrated perimeter weights, allows the Tri-Hot putters to precisely position weight for enhanced forgiveness. 

Additionally, unnecessary weight is effectively removed from areas that do not require it, optimizing balance while minimizing the overall head weight. Another noteworthy feature of the Tri-Hot 5k putters is the inclusion of the renowned White Hot insert, along with the convenience of perimeter weights.

Tri-Hot 5k Features
Multi-Material Head By leveraging multiple materials, weight balancing can be optimized to improve forgiveness while minimizing total weight.
Heel/Toe Weighting Perimeter weights to improve forgiveness on the putter face.
Red Stroke Lab Shaft The Stroke Lab shaft moves weight to the ends of the shaft to improve balance and stroke consistency.
Classic Odyssey Shapes in Premium Black Finish w/ White Alignment The same contrast present in the extremely forgiven DFX line provides easy putting alignment.

The Tri-Hot is designed to provide cutting-edge technology for those that need to extract every bit of assistance possible from their putter. This is a putter geared toward mid-to-low handicap golfers, with precise and consistent strokes looking to extend their putting range.

Eleven Series (MSRP $299.99)

The Odyssey Eleven putter line breaks from the pattern of having all of the classic Odyssey shapes. Instead, they have the signature Eleven mallet head shape, focusing solely on creating one of the best mallet putters on the market. This new mallet has the White Hot insert but also includes new tech like their super lightweight sole insert, the crowned mallet design that increases MOI far beyond any blade, and perimeter weights.

Eleven Putter Features
2-Ball Eleven Shape with Versatile Alignment Options The new 2-ball Eleven shape increases MOi and provides three different options for alignment aids.
Super Lightweight Sole Insert The sole insert for the mallet head is made of TPU polymer instead of metal to decrease the weight in the center of the sole, allowing MOI to be increased without drastically increasing the total head weight.
Heel/Toe Weighting Perimeter weights to improve forgiveness on the putter face.
Red Stroke Lab Shaft The Stroke Lab shaft is included in other premium Odyssey putters
White Hot Insert The same classic White Hot insert for a soft feel and improved forgiveness.

The Eleven putter series is made for those that like the high MOI and forgiveness of mallet-style putters and want a premium option full of the latest tech.

Ten Series (MSRP $299.99)

The Ten Series putters are also only mallet putters, and they move more weight toward the rear of the head to increase MOI and forgiveness. This means they cater even more to a a golfer looking for the highest level of forgiveness, and lowest level of resistance/twisting on contact.

Ten Series Features
2-Ball Ten Series Shape with Versatile Alignment The 2-Ball Ten Series shape differs from the Eleven by moving weight to the rear to increase MOI and decrease turning throughout the stroke. It comes in the same 2-ball alignment options that Eleven offers.
Rear Heel/Toe Weighting Perimeter weights positioned farther back to increase MOI even more.
Red Stroke Lab Shaft The Stroke Lab shaft is included in other premium Odyssey putters
White Hot Insert The same classic White Hot insert for a soft feel and improved forgiveness.

The Ten Series putter is made for those looking for maximum forgiveness, alignment assistance, and MOI. Tour pros have loved this putter, but it caters toward the needs of amateur golfers of all levels thanks to all of these features.

Toulon Design (MSRP $449.99+)

The Toulon Design putter represents Odyssey’s exceptional super-premium offering, distinguished by its innovative deep diamond groove mill pattern on the face. Unlike the White Hot insert found in other Odyssey putters, the Toulon Design putter prioritizes delivering a superior feel and feedback while maintaining a commendable level of forgiveness. Notably, it features a split-weight system and a distinctive emerald green Stroke Lab shaft. Furthermore, its luxurious styling and striking midnight black finish truly set it apart from every other Odyssey putter.

Toulon Design Features
Deep Diamond Groove Mill Face The Toulon Design face pattern is designed to place feel and feedback a touch over forgiveness and provide better forward roll for the ball. This makes it easier to avoid short putts and create more consistent ball paths without as much skidding.
Classic Odyssey Shapes in Luxury Midnight Black Finish w/ White Alignment The ultra-premium midnight black head color still provides stellar alignment assistance with its contrast against the white alignment aids.
Heel/Toe Weighting Perimeter weights to improve forgiveness on the putter face.
Emerald Green Stroke Lab Shaft The Stroke Lab shaft is offered on other Odyssey putters but in a unique, premium emerald green.

The Toulon Design is made for players that don’t need as much forgiveness and prefer having more fine control and feedback from their ball strikes. It is also obviously geared toward the premium buyer looking for a tour-pro-level pedigree for a higher price.

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