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Odyssey Introduces the New Red Ball Putter

Odyssey Red Ball Putter

Odyssey Red Ball Putter

Odyssey, an industry leader in technology and innovation when it comes to putters, is proud to introduce its new Odyssey Red Ball Putters to the market.

Odyssey Red Ball PutterOne of the main causes of missed putts is an incorrect setup and alignment at the address position. You may often find yourself focusing on the break and speed of the putt, but once over the ball, you’re not sure you’re aligned correctly and therefore don’t trust that you’re going to start your ball on your intended line. This is especially true for high-handicap golfers.

Thus, Odyssey teamed up with several high-profile instructors like Phil Kenyon and Hank Haney and created what some are calling the first super game-improvement putter – the Odyssey Red Ball.

According to Odyssey, the Red Ball is a “face-balanced mallet putter with a Red Ball scope, Versa high contrast alignment, and a White Hot insert.”

What does all of that mean? The face-balanced mallet style offers more forgiveness than a traditional blade-style putter, as the weight is taken from the center of the club and distributed to its perimeter where it can help promote directional control as well as more consistent ball speeds.

Odyssey Red Ball PuterThe Red Ball scope was created to address two elements of putting – setup and alignment. This Red Ball helps ensure that the face of the putter is aligned to your intended target each time you stand over a putt.

Coupled with Odyssey’s popular Versa high-contrast alignment system in which a black and white color combination make it easier to see and align the putter, the Red Ball technology offers the ultimate in alignment aid.

The Red Ball putter also features Odyssey’s signature White Hot insert which features the distinctive Odyssey putter sound and feel that users have come to expect and love.  

As putting guru Dave Pelz says, “You can’t dominate with your putter if you don’t know how to aim it correctly.” The Odyssey Red Ball putter promotes an easy and consistent setup every time, and takes the guesswork out of alignment so you can roll in more putts, have more fun, and start lowering your scores.