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Odyssey Toulon Milled Putters

As their mission is to design and create only the very best putters in the world, Odyssey Toulon Design continues
to find leading-edge technologies and combine those with stunning looks to craft best-in-performance
putters for serious golfers.

For Toulon, performance means a better roll, better feel, and better sound, which is why they introduced a
deep diamond mill pattern across the face of the club. And instead of these deep, cross-hatch grooves
being limited to the center of the face, Toulon engineered them across the entire face in order to improve
accuracy and consistency, even on off-center hits.

Odyssey Stroke Lab R-Ball S Putter
Odyssey Stroke Lab R-Ball S Putter

This extended diamond-milled pattern also helps control the sound and feel of the ball off the face by
channeling vibrations, while a small groove inside each diamond pattern is there to help improve the
quality of every roll.

In order to construct the Odyssey Toulon Milled Putters, each one starts from a solid block of 303
stainless steel. The process then continues with every piece of metal being meticulously milled into what
they refer to as a “technical masterpiece.”

Odyssey is also including the option of their new groundbreaking Stroke Lab Design shafts, a
combination of graphite and steel shaft that’s lighter than standard steel-shaft putters are and designed
to improve a player’s stroke, specifically in regard to tempo and consistency.

Each clubhead of the Toulon Milled Putters features an optional sole plate weighting system, comprised
of easily interchangeable aluminum sole plates that come in either 7-, 20-, or 40-gram options. That way,
a player can adjust the clubhead to make it either heavier or lighter, to their exact desires, as well as
based on the speed of the greens on any given day.

However, with all of the technology and performance-enhancing features aside, the very first thing you’ll
notice when you look at the Toulon Milled Putters is their stunning appearance, beautifully enhanced by a
new Charcoal Smoke finish, which does more than live up to the high standard of beauty for which Toulon
is renowned. This Charcoal Smoke finish, indeed, inspires supreme confidence at address.

For Toulon, every putter must meet a specific set of standards, which for them is a union of premium
materials, intelligent design, expert craftsmanship, and advanced performance technology. The new
Odyssey Toulon Milled Putters do more than meet that standard – they exceed it.