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Odyssey X-Act Tank Targets Chipping Woes

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.26.30 AMFor many golfers, getting up and down from just off the green is an exceedingly difficult proposition. Their putters don’t often work in those situations, and their wedges aren’t much use either. Help, however, may have just arrived in the form of a new hybrid short game club created by the good people at Odyssey. It’s called the X-Act Tank Chipper.

The Tank part of the name comes from the heavy weighting philosophy of the popular Odyssey Tank putters. And the chipper utilizes a 355-gram head weight in an effort to promote a smoother swing and more consistent contact.

An oversized, non-taper SuperStroke grip also is employed, to help stabilize the wrists and hands through impact, while the hybrid-like X-Act sole has been added to improve turf interaction, especially on tight lies, and eliminate stubbed or bladed chip shots.

A single-layer polymer insert is there to provide soft feel for long and short shots, with a pair of alignment strips running the length of the club helping with aim and accuracy.

Two versions of the X-Act Tank Chipper are available, in lofts of 37 and 46 degrees, and for right-handed players only.