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Our own Al Morris on the set of Driver vs Driver

Check out our own Al Morris, President of Worldwide Golf Shops, on the set of Driver vs Driver talking about the marketing challenges of placing a driver in retail stores.

My name is Al Morris I am the President of Worldwide Golf Enterprises. I started working at a golf course when I was 15, been with the company 32 years, I have been the president 16 years.

I think it’s you know, obviously reality TV is very popular and a lot of people are doing it in all different facets, I think it’s a really unique opportunity for these guys to participate. I think Wilson bringing a product to market under this forum is fantastic.

The industry has been pretty stagnant as of late and something like this could be something to help kick start the industry and I’m a 110% behind it, I think it’s great. I think it’s reality TV for golf and there’s been nothing like it. I watch a lot of survivor and I think this is what this is and it might be a way for us to get the millennials to get interested in golf and see what happens with the show.

I think people will record it, can’t wait to watch next week or hopefully they’re watching it live and I’ve never seen anything like this for golf in my history of it … In the industry.