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Ping Equipment Line: 2017-2018

Ping 2017-18 Products

Ping continues their tradition of excellence with the 2017-2018 product line. From the G400 family of clubs to Vault 2.0 putters, there is a reason why they have won multiple times this year on a number of different Tours. Aside from Tour success, Ping has had success on the Hot List, earning Gold and Silver across the board and cracking some of the top spots in multiple categories. Not to mention, the benefits that the average golfer will see from putting 2017-18 Ping clubs into play are remarkable.

Ping G400 Drivers


For golfers who struggle with misses, the new Ping G400 driver is what your game has been missing. One of the most forgiving drivers on the market, the Ping G400 driver incorporates drag-reducing technology through turbulators on the top of the club, a thinner face to increase ball speed and the deepest CG in golf, indeed making it the longest and most forgiving driver in the game.

The Ping G400 is available in four different models; G400, G400 LS Tec, G400 SF Tec, and G400 Max driver. The G400 LS Tec driver is a tour model driver that takes spin away from your shots, making it a popular choice for pros and low handicap players. Designed for the mid to high handicapper, the G400 SF Tec incorporates lighter swing weights and more weight towards the heel to promote the draw. While the standard G400 is geared towards golfers of all types, the G400 Max driver is the top choice for the average golfer. At 460cc’s (all other models are 445cc) the G400 Max has slightly heavier weights, bringing the CG low and down, creating longer, higher shots with the most forgiveness possible.

G400 Fairway Woods


The Hottest and highest launching fairway wood that Ping has ever made, the G400 Fairway Wood shows off its increased face flex, repositioned weighting system, and aerodynamic turbulators to elevate ball flight and distance. Combine that with ultimate forgiveness and five possible hosel adjustments; the G400 fairway is built to improve your game, no matter your skill level.

The G400 Fairway is available in three different models; G400, G400 Stretch, and G400 SF Tec. Like the series of drivers, the G400 fairway is designed for golfers of all skill levels. The G400 stretch incorporates the technology of all other models but has a slightly larger (+8cc) head and is built for golfers who want to throttle back and play a fairway wood off the tee. Lastly, the SF Tec, like the G400 SF Tec driver, is a lower spinning fairway wood that suits the skilled golfer remarkably well.

G400 Hybrids & Crossovers


Like the fairway woods, the G400 hybrids are an ideal option when gapping your set for mid-to-long distance shots. G400 hybrids combine maraging steel faces with CG optimization to deliver more distance and forgiveness. Off the clubface, hotter ball speeds launch shots higher and farther while internal weighting keeps your ball flight on-line and under control.

The precision, workability, and control of an iron combined with the ball speed and forgiveness of a hybrid make the G400 Crossover a high-performance and versatile option for golfers of all skill levels. Overall design and material built into the G400 Crossover promote faster ball speeds and higher launch (plus more stopping power) than most crossover and driving irons in its category.

G400 crossovers have iron-like gearing and forward CG placement, creating 45% less shot bend and 40% more spin. Also, the crossovers are designed with a hydro pearl chrome finish giving it 40% less friction and improves launch and spin in wet conditions and rough. The result is more control and predictability for golfers.

G400 Irons


If you’re looking to hit higher, longer iron shots that can stop on a dime, the G400 irons are perfect for you. Each G400 iron is built with COR-Eye Technology to produce faster ball speeds and generate massive gains in distance, essentially making your 7-iron your new 6-iron.

The full cavity back design in the G400 irons enriches the impact response to improve sound and feel. Combat that with a hydro pearl chrome finish, giving 40% less friction and enhancing launch spin in wet conditions and rough; the G400 irons are one of the top iron options for mid to high handicappers regarding overall game improvement.

Ping G700 Irons


In addition to the G400 irons, Ping has released the all-new G700 irons. Like the G400 irons, G700’s are remarkable distance clubs, but the hollow-body design produces unbelievable power and forgiveness.

Like the fairways, hybrids, and crossovers in the G400 line, the G700 irons incorporate parts of maraging steel to improve strength and flexibility, creating tremendous ball speeds off the clubface. The overall design of the hollow-body clubhead pushes the weight low and back leading to powerful, high-arching shots. Making it a perfect complement to the G400 irons and ideal club for golfers of all skill levels.

Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth Wedges


Stealth finish to yield less glare and allow the clubhead to appear smaller, Precision-milled grooves for a softer feel and increased friction to improve spin and trajectory, and four sole grind options are just a few of the benefits from the Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth Wedges.

Aside from the look of the Stealth wedges, the finish itself allows the club to repel moisture for more check around the greens when you’re playing those dewy early morning rounds. Higher lofted Stealth wedges utilize an additional half groove just above the leading edge to help with better ball contact, spin and improve those short pitch and chip shots.

The Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges are offered in four grind options. First is the SS grind, a mid-bounce sole that is perfect for golfers who take moderate attack angles and divots. The WS Grind is a full-sole design ideal for golfers who take a steep angle of attack. Crafted for shot making on even the most difficult of lies is the TS. The TS is Ping’s tour-proven half-moon grind that provides heel relieve allowing players to lay the club open with ease. Last is the ES, the classic profile sole grind that is perfect for bunker shots.

One of the most surprising aspects of the Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges is that golfers of every skill level can put this club straight in their bag with confidence. These wedges are indeed that good, but we still recommend getting fit for wedges to ensure you get the right bounce for your swing and most performance possible out of your wedges.

Ping Vault 2.0 Putters


Ping’s reputation with tournament winning putters continued last February with the release of the Vault 2.0 putters. The next generation of 100% milled putters from Ping are built for tour-caliber performance, instituting new technology and weighting systems across all putters in the Vault 2.0 line.

Aside from the proven reputation of award-winning putters, Ping has incorporated precision-milled True Roll Technology in each Vault 2.0 Putter to improve forward roll and overall feel. A custom weighting system, comprised with steel (standard-weight head), tungsten (15 grams heavier than standard) or aluminum (15 grams lighter than standard) allows the individual golfer to match their feel and balance preferences.

The Vault 2.0 putters are available in 6 different models; Dale Anser, Voss, B60, ZB, Piper, and Ketsch, with three premium finish models (some finishes only available in select models).

Ping Sigma G Putter Line Additions


Aside from the Vault 2.0 line of putters, Ping also made enhancements to one of the most popular models they have ever created and introduced a new model to complement the successful Sigma G line of putters. The Sigma G Craz-E and Tyne-H putters are two highly forgiving mallet style putters that, like other putters in the Ping offering, incorporate Ping’s True Roll Face Technology to ramp up overall performance across the board. Click here to read more.

Curious how a new set of Ping clubs can benefit your game? Visit a Worldwide Golf Shops location near you to test and get custom fit for your next set of Ping clubs and start playing your best golf yet!