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Ping G Irons Built For Speed

G_Iron_AdImage_CavityFaster ball speed is the first attribute associated with the new G irons from Ping, and that is a result of a couple of advances. One has to do with the material used in the clubheads.

It is heat-treated through a specialized process that creates a Hyper 17-4 alloy that is 40 percent stronger than traditional 17-4 stainless steel.

That development, combined with the employment of the company’s COR-Eye technology, makes the faces of the G irons considerably more flexible, for greater ball speeds, as it also improves their stability.

“The results are big distance gains and a higher peak trajectory for better stopping power, so you can hit and hold the green,” says John Solheim, the company’s chief executive.

Ping engineers also took weight they had saved from the clubfaces and moved it to the low toe and perimeter of the G irons for a higher moment of inertia for optimal forgiveness.

By connecting the Custom Tuning Port to the sole, they say they also produced a deeper center of gravity to raise the launch angle even higher as they also boosted moment of inertia.

At the same time, an enlarged, multi-material dampening badge joined to the cavity works to improve sound and feel.

What’s New?

A Ping iron line carrying the G series name

Who’s It For?

Players who fancy the look, feel and forgiveness of a Ping iron – and who want to put themselves in the latest offerings from the clubmaker.