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Introducing PING G410 Drivers, Fairways, and Hybrids

PING introduces the latest in their popular G-line of clubs with the G410 drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. Long recognized as an industry leader in producing the most forgiving clubs on the market, PING melds those technologies with ones designed to create faster ball speeds and longer distances for the ultimate line of woods.

With a lineup of Tour pros like Bubba Watson, Tony Finau, Brooke Henderson, and the latest sensation to take the game by storm with his prodigious length off the tee, Cameron Champ, it’s no surprise the company produces clubs that are both accurate and super-long.

PING G410 DriverPING G410 Drivers

What golfers will be pleased to find in the new G410 drivers is that PING has made significant advancements in custom fitting so that every player can dial in the exact specifications to make the driver fit their swing and their game.

This comes in the form of the G410 Plus and the G410 SFT (Straight Flight Technology) drivers, both of which feature PING’s revolutionary Dragonfly Technology. DT, combined with new creased crown design, creates an ultra-thin crown structure, which saves weight so that engineers can optimize the center of gravity (CG) and increase forgiveness. However, that increased forgiveness doesn’t sacrifice distance, as evidenced by a forged T9S+ face, which is thinner and hotter than previous PING models to promote powerful drives.

The G410 Plus offers three positions (draw, neutral, fade) for their 16-gram tungsten-back weight, which shifts the CG by 1/10” to influence left or right shot shape by approximately ten yards.

Meanwhile, the G410 SFT driver features a fixed weight position on the head’s extreme perimeter, plus 50% more heel-side CG than previous models, which helps ensure straighter ball flights, especially useful for those golfers who fight an extreme hook or slice.

PING G410 FairwayPING G410 Fairway Woods

Fairway woods can be notoriously difficult to hit for amateurs, which is why PING wanted to produce an easy-to-launch club where distance comes easy. To do so, they started with a forged, maraging steel face, then positioned the low-back CG slightly forward of the previous model, which helps to deliver more energy – for longer distance – as well as greater stability and forgiveness, making the G410 their most forgiving fairway wood yet.

The PING G410 fairway woods feature a patented 8-Lobe Trajectory Tuning system, in which eight separate fitting positions in the hosel sleeve enable you to fine-tune the club to your desired trajectory through a series of loft and lie adjustments.

In order to ensure there’s a model to fit every golfer, PING offers three options – Standard, SFT, and LST.

  •         Standard – The standard model comes in four loft options (14.5º, 17.5º, 20.5º, and 23.5º)
  •         SFT = Straight Flight – The SFT model offers more heel-side weighting, plus a lighter swing weight, all for the purposes of helping square the clubface for straighter shots.
  •         LST = Low Spin – This model has a slightly smaller head with a CG that’s aligned to launch shots higher and with less spin. In other words, longer shots that players can easily get in the air, with a steeper landing angle to help hold the green.

PING G410 HybridPING G410 Hybrids

With the G410 hybrids, PING has engineered their first-ever adjustable hybrid utilizing the 8-Lobe Trajectory Tuning system, which allows users to customize their desired ball flight in eight possible ways through a variety of loft and lie adjustments. They feature many of the same technologies as the drivers and fairway woods that help promote faster ball speeds and increased distances but also come with a larger profile and high-density back weight for added stability – ideal when escaping a tough lie in the rough – and an elevated MOI for added forgiveness.

Available loft options include: 17º, 19º, 22º, 26º, and even a 30º, or the equivalent of a 6-iron replacement.