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Ping Sigma 2 Putters – Featuring Adjustable-Length Shaft

Ping Introduces the Sigma 2 Putters – Featuring All-New Adjustable Shaft Length

Over the past ten years, golf equipment has trended towards customization and adjustability. These advances in technology have enabled everyday golfers to reap some of the same benefits experienced by professionals.

For many, off the rack clubs no longer make sense, which is why PING introduces its new line of Sigma 2 putters. Their research showed that eight out of ten golfers are using the wrong length putter. That eye-opening statistic plays a major role in why many weekend golfers struggle with consistency and confidence on the greens.

Adjustable-Length Shaft

Most off-the-rack putters come in three lengths: 33”, 34” and 35”. But do these three specific lengths really match the needs of all golfers? The answer is no. And the result is that golfers often adjust their setup and stroke to match the length and feel of their putter, not the other way around, which should be the case.

Based on their research, PING designed a simple, yet intuitive adjustable-shaft-length technology, which is a standard feature of putters in the Sigma 2 line. According to PING, this is an “industry-first technology,” and means you’re no longer limited to a specific length of putter. So how does it work?

The technology is concealed beneath the grip of the club. An adjustment tool is then inserted into the top of the grip where a user turns it to adjust the length. One full turn of the tool equals a quarter inch adjustment either up or down. In other words, if you often find that a 34” putter isn’t quite long enough, but a 35” putter is too long, you can make an adjustment so that the putter length is somewhere in between the two, and thus the perfect length for your setup and stroke.

The adjustment is quick and easy, and the grip remains aligned throughout the process.

What’s great about this feature is that it allows you to easily experiment with a multitude of different lengths between 32 – 36” to figure out what’s most comfortable for you, and what enables you to put a solid roll on the ball each time, thus boosting confidence and consistency. What’s even better is that with the self-adjustability tool, you no longer have to make multiple trips to your local pro shop in order to find the perfect setting.

Dual-Durometer Insert

The second key feature of the PING Sigma 2 line of putters involves face technology. PING’s dual-durometer face insert promotes a softer feel and sound on all putts. This “PEBAX” insert has a softer front layer for better precision on those shorter, par-saving putts, while a firmer back layer gives solid feedback and great distance control for holing longer-range putts, as well as avoiding those dreaded three-putts.

PING’s patented True Roll face pattern varies in depth and pitch across the face to help promote increased forgiveness on off-center hits.

Pistol Grip Options

Good putters know that putting is largely an artistic endeavor – seeing the line and rolling the rock with touch and feel. And that all starts with how the putter feels in your hands, which is why PING introduces three proprietary pistol grip options – PP60, PP61, and PP62.

The PP60 is a lightweight, midsize grip, while the PP61 is an exaggerated pistol to fit the contours of your hands, and offers an ultra-soft feel. Conversely, the PP62 is the thickest of the pistol series of grips with a rounded shape for those who really want to take that handsy action out of their stroke.

The PING Sigma 2 features nine putter models; Anser, ZB2, Arna, Kushin C, Fetch, Tyne, Tyne 4, Wolverine H, and Valor. From the traditional blade-style Anser for those with a slight arc to their stroke to the Tyne 4 mallet-style putter for those whose putting motion has a strong arc, PING has a Sigma 2 putter that suits your eye.

With a sleek design and looks, comfort and feel, and customization and adjustability to ensure the right unique fit for you, the PING Sigma 2 putters are ready to take your game to the next level.