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Ping’s Cross Between Iron And Hybrid

G_Crossover_AdImage_SoleAs far as Ping engineers are concerned, the G Crossover they introduced over the winter is more than a new club. They actually see it as an entirely new category, and one that combines the precision, workability and control of an iron with the ball speed and forgiveness of a hybrid.

“People love the look and feel of the Crossover because they haven’t seen anything like it,” says John Solheim, chairman and CEO of the privately held, Arizona-based equipment maker. “It shouldn’t be confused with a driving iron because it is higher-launching and much more forgiving. And it offers a lot of versatility. Our extensive player testing has revealed it to be a very attractive option.”

G_Crossover_InternalWgt_IllustrationAccording to Solheim, the Crossover boasts a high-strength, Carpenter 455 steel face that is precision-machined to what he describes as an optimal thickness for greater face-flexing and faster ball speeds. And those features are designed to give these puppies some pop.

At the same time, the flat face, narrow top rail and modest offset are made to give golfers iron-like accuracy and the ability work the ball. Company engineers endowed these clubs with extreme heel-toe weighting to push the center of gravity low and back for better launching as they also expanded the perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness.

The Crossover is available in three lofts – 18, 21 and 24 degrees – and comes with a Ping Alta 70 shaft stock, in SR, R, S and X flexes. An AWT 2.0 steel shaft in R, S and X is offered at no upcharge, with a Tour 90 in R, S and X available for a $30 upcharge.

What’s New?

A whole new club – and club category – from Ping.

Who’s It For?

Players looking for a product that combines the best performance attributes of a long iron and a hybrid.

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post