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Rapsodo MLM2PRO Review: Is it Worth it?

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is one of the most portable and affordable launch monitor solutions on the market. In response to its success, Rapsodo has launched an updated standalone model for those looking for an all-in-one solution that doesn’t require their phone’s camera to operate. The Rapsodo MLM2PRO addresses some of the very few critiques some users had for the original model and adds some new features and capabilities that the original doesn’t.

To help shoppers understand whether the MLM2PRO is with the higher $700 price tag (Note: still far below much of the competition in the space), we are going to break down the following:

  • Key launch monitor features of the MLM2PRO
  • New golf simulator functionality
  • Who should buy it

Let’s dive into each and get a better idea of what Rapsodo’s newest tech has to offer.

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Key Features

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO offers the following features as a launch monitor:

Indoor/Outdoor Functionality Full functionality both outdoors and indoors with a net/impact screen
Dual Optical Camera/Radar Processing for Cutting-Edge Accuracy Rapsodo uses both two integrated cameras and radar sensor for maximum accuracy that punches far above its price point
Industry-Leading Easy Setup After pairing with your phone, the Rapsodo is easily the most seamless launch monitor to set up, with a helpful on-screen alignment guide to make sure you get the best possible results every time
13 Metrics/6 Measured Metrics* Comprehensive metrics, feedback, and shot tracing with exceptionally readable analytics for even the most advanced golfer
Multi-Option Swing/Shot Replay Shot replay comes in two forms for every shot, with an “impact vision” option that focuses on the shot and its tracer, as well as the “shot vision” option that uses an integrated wide-angle camera to give a better look at your swing (users who want to see both at once can use the “swing vision” option)
Apple & Android Compatibility Compatibility with the two most popular mobile operating systems to ensure just about every golfer can use it

The MLM2PRO improves almost every aspect of the original Rapsodo MLM while replicating its impressive accuracy and easy setup. By adding the benefit of standalone functionality and vastly improving indoor operation, they have filled just about every hole that the original unit had.

*The 13 metrics (with asterisks for those that are ‘measured metrics’)

  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Spin Rate*
  • Spin Axis*
  • Ball Speed*
  • Club Speed*
  • Launch Angle*
  • Launch Direction*
  • Descent Angle
  • Apex
  • Shot Type
  • Side Carry

 Note: Non-measured metrics are still impressively accurate but are calculated based on the measured metrics.

Golf Simulator Functionality

One of the most impressive new features of the Rapsodo included in their new unit is the golf simulator functionality. Due to the technical restraints of utilizing a phone camera, the original Rapsodo didn’t operate as well indoors as it did outdoors. The MLM2PRO completely flips this on its head by offering golf simulator functionality with an astounding 30,000 simulated courses for indoor users.

These courses include iconic real-world venues, a 3D golf range, and even a fun “combine” mode that will take you through multiple test shots and give you a score (and a handicap) based on your performance.

As with many more affordable golf simulators, the MLM2PRO does not support putting. Instead, it allows users to set their one, two, and three-putt ranges and automatically adds the number of strokes it would typically take them to sink the putt based on where the ball stops on the green.

Who Should Buy It?

So, is the new Rapsodo good enough to compete with the competition at a higher price point? Is the original Rapsodo obsolete? Yes, and no.

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO is an incredible product, offering industry-leading features and accuracy at an affordable price. It is a great option for golfers that want an all-in-one unit that can also function as a simulator indoors, and among the other monitors with this functionality, it stands out in terms of value and quality.

The original Rapsodo MLM is still an exceptional value for those simply looking for a launch monitor with exceptional basic functionality and accuracy at an almost uncontested price point. If you practice primarily outside, are okay using your phone as part of your launch monitor, and are on a tighter budget, the original unit is still a great buy.

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