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When it comes to innovation in drivers, Callaway set the tone for the industry long ago with its Big Bertha line. With a reputation for low spin, adjustability, great forgiveness and a large sweet spot, Callaway drivers are consistently ranked high in performance tests and player preferability. And with the upcoming launch of the Big Bertha Alpha 816 Double Black Diamond driver and the new Great Big Bertha driver both will be available for pre-order August 14 Callaway once again proves that constant improvement is high on its list of priorities.

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Let’s take a closer look at each:

Designed for better players, the Big Bertha Alpha 816 features a dual-distance chamber for increased ball speed and extreme distance. Callaway’s R•MOTO technology provides the structure for a thinner face, which leads to high ball speeds on both on- and off-center hits. And the adjustability is unrivaled.

“The 816 has even more adjustability as far as the spin than there was before,” said Callaway Brand Ambassador Bruce Loman. “What you’re going to be able to do, and this is pretty cool, is adjust the hit location and spin based on where you typically strike the ball on the club face.”

The Great Big Bertha is back, but with more innovation and technological breakthroughs – including the best combination Callaway has ever produced of an aerodynamic head shape and lightweight club design.

“This is a very forgiving low-spin driver, which is hard to do,” said Loman. “They keep tweaking this stuff
and it just gets better and better.” Four different golf shafts will be available to choose from. “There’s gonna be a lot of options with both the 816 and Great Big Bertha,” Loman said.

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