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Wilson Golf’s Staff line of putters includes four options featuring a variety of styles

One of the longest-standing names in the golf equipment business has stepped up its game with the introduction of its Staff Model line of putters this fall – featuring the Original 8802, a blade, a mallet and a Tech Mallet offering.

Each putter is precision milled from ultra-soft 304 Stainless Steel to Wilson’s exceptional standards, delivering the ultimate swing control through performance-balanced weighting, and providing a softer feel on the green.  

Traditionalists will love the classic, old-school look and feel of the 8802, and Wilson keeps things simple in this new line by offering three other popular putter models and focusing on quality materials and builds. 

“Performance has always been the top priority for Wilson Golf, and our mission is to provide top-of-the-line products for golfers of every skill level,” said Tim Clarke, President of Wilson Golf. “The innovation and craftsmanship of our new Staff Model putter collection is something that we’re truly proud of and will help all golfers feel more confident on the greens.”