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Scotty Cameron Putter Review:  Winning Performance

Scotty Cameron is renowned in the world of golf, not for his play, but for his exceptional putters and their innovative designs that push the boundaries of putter technology. While he has created numerous iconic, tour-winning putters throughout his career, let’s take a closer look at how the 2023 Scotty Cameron offerings fare.

In tour Scotty Cameron putter reviews we’ll cover two consumer-oriented putter lines: The Super Select and Phantom X putters. We’ll delve into the defining factors of each line, explore the key technological highlights they boast, discuss their pros and cons, and identify the ideal golfer for each line.

Both the Super Select and Phantom X putter lines comprise various models featuring distinct head and hosel shapes. However, they share similar technology across the entire range. Hence, our review will encompass the lines as a whole, acknowledging that golfers can customize their putters further by opting for a specific configuration through a putter fitting.

So, let’s tee off into the world of Scotty Cameron putters.

The Super Select

The Super Select line of putters is designed to bring the highest level of performance from a blade-style putter. As a result, most Super Select putters have smaller, slimmer head shapes (blade to mid-mallet) and shafts that attach closer to the heel. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for square-to-square strokes, though, as they leverage different hosel shapes across different configurations to allow for varied levels of toe rotation throughout the putting stroke.

Dual-Milled Face By doing one deep-mill pass and one mid-mill pass, Super Select putters offer the sound and feel of a deep-milled face and the consistent striking surface of a mid-milled face.
Adjustable Heel and Toe Weights Swappable weights at the heel and toe keep the weight of the putter near the edges of the face, which provides more stability when striking the ball (only available on special orders).
Vibration Dampening Rings Rubber rings are placed under the sole plates (on the models that feature sole plates) to reduce vibration after ball contact.
I-Beam Neck A precision-sculpted neck that removes and positions weight from the neck to the heel and toe of the putter head.
Milled “Cherry Dots” Behind the Face The Scotty Cameron Signature “Cherry Dots” Behind the face help with sound, feel, and alignment, as well as adding a unique design touch.


  • Exceptional rotation control and feel.
  • High-quality materials for industry-leading aesthetics and durability.
  • Adjustability to ensure that golfers get exactly what they want from their putter.
  • Wide variety of toe hangs and and face balanced head shapes to meet the needs of every golfer.


  • Higher price point.
  • Limited MOI compared to true mallet-style putters.

Scotty Cameron Super Select putters are incredible blade putters, arguably the best on the market. They offer supreme precision and timeless technology to keep your putting game competitive for a lifetime. As a result of both their quality and their pedigree, though, they are expensive. Ultimately, Super Select putters are great for – golfers that prefer the easy rotation and control of a blade putter.

The Phantom X

Scotty Cameron Phantom X putters are Scotty’s mallet line and focus on the highest possible MOI without sacrificing as much of the feel that blade putters are known for. While they vary in shape, they generally have the highest MOI of any Scotty Cameron putters and feature more non-metal material to ensure the head weight doesn’t get too heavy. Overall, they’ve created incredibly well-received mallet putters that have almost matched their blade models’ success on tour.

Scotty Cameron Putter Review: Tech Highlights of the Phantom X Putter
High-MOI Mallet Shapes By pulling the center of gravity farther toward the rear of the head, the Phantom X putters provide more forgiveness for off-center strikes.
Adjustable Heel and Toe Weights Swappable weights at the heel and toe keep the weight of the putter near the edges of the face, which provides more stability when striking the ball (special order only).
Clear Alignment Aids Milled and painted alignment lines over the top of Phantom X putters make it easier to line up behind the ball.
Small Slant/Jet Neck The small slant/jet neck lays back slightly and employs a seamless shaft-over setup for an uninterrupted view of the ball from the address with nearly one shaft of offset in a configuration that encourages a bit of toe flow.


  • Extremely forgiving for off-center shots.
  • More toe flow capability than most mallet putters, making it easier on those with arced strokes.
  • Similar adjustability to the Super Select putters.


  • Higher price point.
  • Alignment could be higher-contract and extend further across the head.

For those looking for higher MOI, the Phantom X are some of the best putters on the market. They are forgiving but still precise and position some of the weight near the face to ensure that their buyers don’t lose out on too much of the feedback present on blade putters. While they come in various configurations, Phantom X putters will likely benefit those with more slight arcs or even square-to-square putting strokes.

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