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Sharpen Your Short Game – Chapter #2 – Putting Drills with Dave Pelz

Sharpen Your Short Game Chapter 2 – Putting Drills to Sink More Putts with Dave Pelz, courtesy of Cleveland Golf

Part #2 of our series, “Sharpen Your Short Game” with Dave Pelz, is brought to you by Cleveland Golf.

Synonymous with great wedges, Cleveland has teamed with us to help you score better with these tips from Pelz.

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Dave Pelz:  We all watch Pros on TV and now how well they roll their putts. They don’t make them all but they usually almost make most of the putts. The next time you watch, try watching their tempo. Pros typically putt in a cadence of back on the count of one, through on the count of two. Of course their cadence is unique to every player. Each uses his or her own tempo. Whether it’s a 40 foot uphill lag putt or a 3 foot downhiller to save par. Great putters vary the length of their back swing to control the speed of their putts. They roll all of them with a constant stroke rhythm, back and through, just like a pendulum. This helps their consistency. It improves their speed control and gives them a much better touch for distance.

Let me show you what I mean. I’ve got a 2 footer and a 30 footer here. I’m going to look at the hole then I’m going to count one, two. That’s my rhythm. One, two. One, two. Oh, I’ll take that putt. But if you noticed, they were both the same rhythm. 3 inches back on one, 4 inches through on two or 15 inches back on one, 20 inches through on two. If you want to improve your consistency, if you want to have better touch for distance, find your own personal putting rhythm. Keep it constant and change the length of your stroke for the length of the putts.