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Skytrak Plus Review

The unit covered in our Skytrak Plus review

Golf launch monitors and simulators are about as affordable as ever, and the combination of better technology and more competition has led to the most crowded market we’ve seen. The Skytrak launch monitors and simulator packages they offer could be some of the best values in this market with their competitive feature set for the price point. The Skytrak Plus is the newer, upgraded version of the original Skytrak launch monitor, and many are wondering if it is worth the extra thousand or so dollars.

In this Skytrak Plus review, we will cover the following:

  • Key features
  • Pros and cons
  • Final verdict
  • Where to buy one

Let’s find out more about the base model Skytrak Plus launch monitor, as well as how it functions as a simulator.

SkyTrak Plus Key Features

The original Skytrak launch monitor offers impressive functionality at its price point ($1,995), with many features that make it an intriguing unit. We will cover those that mean the most and help set the Skytrak apart from its competition.

Skytrak Plus Simulator/Launch Monitor Key Features

Improved Photometric Camera Technology Skytrak’s superb photometric camera technology gives accurate shot metrics and quick shot replay, and it has been improved for the Plus model
Dual Doppler Radar for Club Data Measurements In addition to the already impressive photometric camera tech, the Plus model also offers Dual Doppler Radar to add club data to the list of measured metrics (see below for exhaustive list)
Nine Measured Ball Metrics Shot metrics measured include carry distance, total distance, ball speed, back spin, side spin, descent angle, side angle, launch angle, and shot shape
Five Measured Club Metrics Both the original and Plus models measure the above ball metrics, but only the Plus measures club data– this includes club head speed, smash factor, club path, face angle, and face-to-path
Outdoor Functionality One of the most relevant changes for the Plus model is that it can be used outdoors, making it a practice tool that can be used wherever you like to golf, instead of just a simulator or golf net
Unlimited Cloud Storage with Membership With the Skytrak Game Improvement membership tier or above, users gain access to unlimited cloud storage for shot data and replays
4.5” x 4.5” Hitting Zone Generous hitting area makes setup easier and data collection more forgiving, and the Plus offers over double the hitting area of the original (which is only 2” x 2”)
Premium Simulator Functionality with 100,000+ Courses  Comprehensive and immersive simulator with over 100,000 courses through E6 Connect, TGC 2019, Creative Golf and World Golf tour by Top Golf
Compact Form Factor The sleek form factor of the Skytrak makes it easy to stow away in a TV stand or other home storage furniture in case you use it in a multi-purpose space
Improved Battery Life An extra half hour of battery life has been added (4.5 hours total) to ensure the Skytrak Plus can be used outside without any worries about it dying during your practice session
USB-C Connection The use of USB-C over the micro-USB in the original makes for much faster charge times and more compatibility with modern cell phone charging cables (though it is recommended that you use the included charging cable).

These features, along with the accuracy of the Skytrak Plus, make it an exceptional value at its price point. It can function as a launch monitor for both indoor and outdoor practice, but it truly shines as a simulator. Cheaper launch monitor units offer simulator functionality, but they can’t really be considered golf simulators as the quality and delivery of the visuals simply do not lend them well to be used primarily for simulation.

The Skytrak Plus, on the other hand, excels as a simulator. The visuals are clean, and the simulator gameplay aspect works exactly as expected. Shot simulations are generated near-instantly, courses look great (though quality can differ depending on the third party they are from), and the UI presents all data clearly without breaking immersion.

As mentioned, there is an all-in-one simulator package that can be purchased alongside the monitor. This is the ideal way to use the Skytrak Plus as a simulator, as it includes everything you need and is designed with the hitting zone and tracking system that the Skytrak Plus uses in mind. That being said, the standalone launch monitor is compatible with other external displays that use HDMI cables, making it a great plug-and-play option for those looking to upgrade their simulator setups by just improving the launch monitor.

Pros and Cons

The Skytrak Plus is an impressive value, but there are some pros and cons that golfers should be aware of before considering a purchase. These will largely be relative to other simulators and launch monitors at different price points, as the Skytrak Plus offers undoubtedly unique value on its own.

Skytrak Plus Simulator/Launch Monitor Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
✔ Excellent simulator experience
✔ Ball and club metrics measured, not just estimated
✔ Upgraded data organization like bag mapping, wedge matrix, and player skills assessment
✘ No putting support (expected, as this is a feature usually reserved for much higher-cost units)
✘ 4.5-hour battery life can cut things short if you forget to charge between sessions

Overall, the Skytrak Plus offers plenty of benefits to outweigh the cons. It is a fully-featured golf simulator, a precise launch monitor, and an extensive data bank with training tools to help golfers improve their game. It also provides a ton of upgrades relative to the original that make the price difference between it and its predecessor seem far smaller than it has any right to be.

While the Skytrak does have the con of not having as many measurements as more expensive units, this doesn’t really harm it much in our eyes, as the units we are referring to can cost over $10,000. As a result, it is expected that the golfer looking into systems that offer putting support have entirely different needs than those looking at the Skytrak Plus, and the fourteen metrics the Skytrak does measure will meet the needs of a vast majority of golfers.

Skytrak Plus Review Final Verdict

Our final verdict of the Skytrak Plus is a positive one. It offers exceptional value at its price point of $2,995, fun and realistic golf simulator functionality, and accurate ball and club metrics to identify opportunities for improvement. The Skytrak Plus is a versatile, feature-rich, and fun launch monitor/simulator that improves training and provides limitless fun regardless of whether you want to practice indoors or outdoors. Anyone looking for a launch monitor or a golf simulator will be happy with the Skytrak Plus and/or its simulator package.

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