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Tread technology on TaylorMade’s MG4 wedge channels away moisture

In the realm of golf equipment innovation, a feature employed in TaylorMade’s new Milled Grind 4 (MG4) wedge can be likened to the tread on a tire. Just as the tread allows water to exit, enabling the rubber to better grip the road, the company’s Spin Tread technology channels away moisture, enabling the golf ball to stay on the face longer while generating more spin.

“This release ushers in a new phase for the Milled Grind family,” said Bill Price, Senior Director of Product Creation for Putters and Wedges at TaylorMade. “With MG4, we’ve evolved our approach to wet spin. A laser etching treatment has meticulously crafted face roughness, unlocking superior friction and moisture dispersion. This, particularly on partial shots, enhances ball control.”

Beyond its technological advances, MG4 beckons with a symphony of aesthetics and player interaction. Its refined finish, donning a subtle darker hue, diminishes glare. A raw face, evolving over time with a weathered finish, forges a connection while a redesigned back geometry blends solidity and softness.

In addition, TaylorMade has introduced a comprehensive range of sole grinds in the MG4 lineup, offering golfers more versatility while also simplifying the selection process. The grinds are categorized into three main options: low bounce (LB), standard bounce (SB) and high bounce (HB).

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