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Spin Your Wedges Like the Pros

Golf Digest Top Instructor Mike Bender shows you to spin your wedges like the pros with the Cleveland Golf RTX 4 Wedge.

Hi, I’m Mike Bender here with Cleveland Golf to show you how you can spin your wedges like the pros. 

You know, it’s interesting when you see him on TV and they back that ball up and you’re wondering how do they get so much spin on that ball? 

Well, if you think about it in order to put spin on the ball, I need to hit down on the ball more. 

My angle needs to be sharper. 

If I come in kind of level with the golf ball. 

Now the ball goes up, but it doesn’t really have that much spin, so the best wedge players in the world, they hit their wedges low, not high, and most amateur golfers that I see. 

Yeah, Wedge play is their launch angles are way too high, so here’s what you want to do. 

New number one. 

In your setup you want to play the ball further back and that helps create that angle. 

So I’m going to play that ball further back and as I do that, I’m going to open up my left foot a little bit and I want to make sure that my hands stay forward. 

So what I’m really doing is I’m DeLofting the Golf Club so I’m taking wedges already have a tunnel off, so I’m delofting the wedge. 

I’ve got the ball back, which is going to help with the angle coming into the ball and then basically what I’m going to do is I want to make my normal back swing, but as I come in I’m still going to release and I’m just going to kind of try to rotate with it with my body. 

My lower body so it looks like this. 

Now, if you’re going to hit it even Fuller, maybe you have a little bit more of a full follow through, but the idea is to try to launch your ball at a much lower angle and by clipping it back here, you’re going to increase your spin rates a lot. 

The only word of warning is is you don’t want to, even on playing it back. 

We don’t want to take a giant divot, so we’re actually trying to. 

Kind of just scraped the grass with that D lofted club and that maximizes your spin rate.