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Sports Team Golf Bags: Support Your Team on the Course

Three of the sports team golf bags we cover in this article

While many golfers want a bag with the most prestigious brand name, and others want one that matches their clubs, many want to incorporate their non-golf interests into their golf bag. Arguably the most popular way to do this is with sports team golf bags, or golf bags made by reputable golf brands that partner with sports leagues or organizations to sell branded golf bags for the teams within.

Contrary to popular belief, these bags aren’t sub-par products that use sports teams to boost prices. These bags are made by experienced golf bag manufacturers, and they add the sports team branding to add that extra bit of aesthetic value while still delivering on the standard of quality that avid golfers are used to from their go-to golf brands.

In this article, we are going to cover the two brands that carry sports team golf bags in the Worldwide Golf Shops online store: Wilson and Team Effort. We will cover the following aspects of their offerings:

  • What sports leagues they partner with
  • Their bag lineup
  • Pros and cons for each

Let’s dive into these brands, and narrow down the best option for you.

Wilson Sports Team Golf Bags

Wilson is the more well-known name when it comes to sports team golf bag manufacturers, and their bags are some of the most popular. They are affordably priced, simple, and convenient. Currently, they sell only NFL teams’ golf bags, and they offer two different options for these bags:

Wilson Sports Team Golf Bags Lineup

Bag Model Image Feature Highlights
Wilson NFL Cart Bag
The Wilson NFL Kansas City Chiefs cart bag 14 full-length dividersExtra storage space, Wider profile, XTRA tech base to fit securely in a golf cart
Wilson NFL Stand Bag
The Wilson NFL Pittsburgh Steelers stand bag 4-way top divider with 2 full-length, Slimmer profile with lighter weight, Quick stand action, Four-point double carry strap

The following are the most significant factors we think golfers should consider when deciding whether or not to buy a Wilson NFL golf bag:

Pros Cons
Feature-rich golf bags that meet basic needs, Well-built and attractive, Offer both cart and stand models, Great value Only offer NFL teams, No premium bag options

The Wilson golf bags aim to offer an affordable point of entry for those who want to put their favorite NFL team on a golf bag. They offer almost every standard feature of golf bags in similar price ranges, and their build quality is solid.

Team Effort Sports Team Golf Bags

While Team Effort may not have the name recognition of Wilson, they offer similar quality, while adding a ton of extra value when it comes to variety. They not only offer NFL bags, but they also offer team bags from all of the following leagues:

  • NCAA
  • MLB
  • MLS
  • NHL
  • NBA

They also offer a wider variety of bag models. Let’s break down their bag lineup:

Team Effort Sports Team Golf Bags Lineup

Bag Model Image Feature Highlights
Team Effort Gridiron III Stand Bag ($159.99) The Team Effort Gridiron III NCAA bag 5-way divider system with 2 full-length dividers, Sculpted hip pads, Dual carry straps, Lightweight, slim profile
Team Effort Caddie Carry Hybrid Bag ($269.99) The Team Effort Caddie Carry Golden State Warriors bag 14-way divider system with 3 full-length dividers, Removable dual shoulder straps, Sculpted hip pad, Velour-lined valuables pocket with waterproof bond, Cart-friendly base on a stand-capable bag
Team Effort Bucket III Cooler Cart Bag ($309.99) The Team Effort Bucket III Los Angeles Angels bag Built-in cooler pocket with integrated drainage port, Quick-access pocket with magnetic closure, 14-way divider top with 8 full-length dividers, Two velour-lined valuables pockets with waterproof bond

The following are the most significant factors we think golfers should consider when deciding whether or not to buy a Team Effort sports team golf bag:

Pros Cons
Wider variety of models, features, and price points, Attractive, well-built bagsOffers cart, stand, and a hybrid model, Offers a vast array of sports league options Most newer offerings are in the premium price range, Bag material could be more premium for the money

Team Effort bags seek to meet every golfer’s needs, with an option for golfers that like carrying their bag, putting it on a cart, or those that want to do both. They even go as far as offering an integrated cooler, a unique touch that will likely appeal to hardcore sports fans who like having the option to make any outdoor event into a tailgate.

Get Your Sports Team Golf Bags at Worldwide Golf Shops

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At Worldwide Golf Shops, we take pride in offering brands that we guarantee will provide the highest level of value to our diverse range of golfers. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding the perfect golf gear. Find a store near you today!

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