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Srixon’s Z-Star Next Gen

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post

Photo Global Golf Post
Photo Global Golf Post

The latest Z-Star offerings from Srixon give players looking for tour-performance golf balls a couple of options.

The Z-Star is a three-piece, urethane-covered product that possesses a somewhat softer feel than that of previous generations and better control. Company officials say that a refined Energetic Gradient Growth core boasts slightly lower compression and allows golfers to produce greater ball speed on full shots. That feature should increase distance, they add, and so should the inclusion of a new, 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, which is designed to lower drag and improve aerodynamics, especially in the wind.

As for the improved Spin Skin coating, it has been engineered to create more friction and enhance spin control, on approaches as well as shots around the green.

Photo Global Golf Post
Photo Global Golf Post

As for the Z-Star XV, it features the same dimple pattern and Spin Skin as the Z-Star. The ball also comes with a urethane cover and is available in pure white and your yellow colors. But this puppy is a four-piecer, with a Dual Energetic Gradient Growth core that is made specifically for players with higher swing speeds and endows the ball with a slightly firmer feel as it lowers driver spin and elevates launch angle.

Hideki Matsuyama switched to the Z-Star XV last fall and has won five tournaments since making the change.

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post.