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Srixon Introduces 2018 Z Series Irons

Introducing the All-New Srixon Z585, Z785, and Z U85

For its latest series of irons, Srixon tapped the expertise and experience of their Tour staff members like Hideki Matsuyama and U.S. Open Champion Graeme McDowell to develop the Z 85 line of tour-quality irons.

In today’s arena, speed is the name of the game, and Srixon capitalized on several innovations to create active speed technologies for an iron that’s forged and built to perform not only on Tour but also in the hands of golfers of all skill levels.

Players have the option of an iron that promotes distance and feel for higher-handicap players, or workability and feel for lower-handicap players. They come in the form of the Z 585, Z 785 and Z U85.

Across each series, players can look forward to coveted attributes like increased spin for more shot control, a softer feel, more consistent ball striking, and customization.


Z 785

Crafted with the better player in mind, the Z 785’s blade-like address position and profile promote confidence. For players who enjoy shot shaping, Srixon updated the club’s weighting to maximize versatility, so players are able to hit draws and fades, as well as stingers and high-launching bombs on command.

In keeping with the versatility theme, Srixon redesigned the club’s sole with a Tour V.T. Sole which provides more consistent ball striking capabilities and the ability to execute every shot in your arsenal.

A Tour Cavity back adds extra mass directly behind the impact area and allows for powerful shot shaping. The Z 785s are forged from a single billet of soft 1020 carbon steel for an exceptional feel, which according to Graeme McDowell, gives it that “soft, buttery feel off the face.”


Z 585

Crafted for higher-handicap players, the Z 585 is all about distance and feel. They have the look and feel of a compact, player’s iron, but feature a Speed Groove – an internal channel on the face which promotes greater face-flex and leads to enhanced ball speed off the face for greater distance on all shots.

Srixon has updated the Tour V.T. Sole on the Z 585s, which generates more consistent ball strikes. They’ve also widened the soles on the longer, harder-to-hit irons leading to extra forgiveness on mishits.

The Z 585 series irons are forged from soft 1020-carbon steel, which lessens the vibration on off-center hits and leads to better feel through impact.


Z U85

Many of us struggle to hit our long irons consistently well, which makes utility irons a lifesaver, especially when trying to land a long par-3 in regulation.

These compact, hollow-body long irons are longer and more forgiving than traditional iron designs. However, they still offer great control off the tee and in the fairway.

The Srixon Z U85s are forged of 1020 carbon steel as well, which offers a preferred soft feel, yet with increased distance. They also feature an iron-like address profile, so when you stand over the ball and look down at the club, it inspires confidence with its shape and looks.

The hollow construction of the clubhead promotes a high-launch trajectory and great forgiveness, ideal for coming out of juicy lies in the rough to a tight pin location.

According to Ernie Els, “The design just gets the ball in the air. It’s really a great club. Out of the rough, it’s just as good. My launch is up at least ten feet.”


Customization – Mix & Match

Srixon designed the Z Series irons with the ability to customize them in mind. This allows you to strategically pick both long and short irons and mix and match them to find the ideal set of irons for your game.

Custom options include: Distance + Workability (4-6 Z 585, 7-P Z 785), Distance + Forgiveness (4-6 Z U85, 7-P Z 585), Workability + Forgiveness (4-6 Z U 85, 7-P Z 785)

You can also select from a wide variety of grips and shafts at no extra cost, allowing you to choose premium options for the proper setup to suit your game.

Visit a Worldwide Golf Shops location near you to get custom fit for the all-new Z Series today!