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Stand United – 5 Tips to Pick the Perfect Playing Partner

By Tom Burley, PGA

golfers-661792_960_720We all have our favorite playing partners, but when it comes teaming up for competition, the big question is: who brings out the best in your game?

“We all know that golf can make you look incredible – or incredibly foolish,” said PGA Head Golf Professional Tom Burley. “The fact that there is usually not a teammate to rely on puts you in the spotlight for the entire round. But on the rare occasion when you get to compete with a teammate, there are some things to keep in mind that will help you choose a great partner.”Here are some helpful tips…
Know their game.

  1. Pick a partner that you have played golf with in the recent past. You want to know the state of your partner’s game prior to playing in the tournament.
  2. Find someone you enjoy. You want to make sure you are playing with someone you like spending time with, because having a positive outlook on your partner for the day is going to help your mental state.
  3. Make sure your on-course mannerisms mesh. If you are an extremely fast and talkative player, you won’t want to partner with someone who plays slow and silently.
  4. Be strategic. Strategize around each player’s strengths. For instance, the better putter should probably putt last and allow the less experienced putter to go first in order to provide an indication of the speed and line. This will allow the more-skilled putter to be aggressive.
  5. Be supportive. Make sure you and your partner are supportive of each other. Golf is a mental game. There will be some bad shots among you both, but always remember to pick up your partner if they hit a bad one. Likewise, you will appreciate the support should you hit a bad one.

– Tom Burley is the Head PGA Professional at Indian Wells Golf Resort in Indian Wells, Ca.