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Steel Surprises – Callaway’s New Steelhead XR and OS Irons and Hybrids

Relentless innovation is a mantra at Callaway Golf and the new Steelhead XR and OS irons and XR hybrids live up to that billing.

Here’s a look at the new technological wonders:

callaway-steelhead-xr-iron-hybridSTEELHEAD XR IRONS
These irons deliver the best combination of speed, forgiveness, distance and control of any Callaway iron. With its innovative 360 Face Cup Technology, more weight is positioned below the ball at impact for higher, longer shots. There’s also more weight around the per-imeter, which means more forgiveness and accuracy.

For longer par 3s, the XR Steelhead hybrids are perfect for higher-handicap players who have trouble getting distance from long irons and who need more forgiveness. The blade length is larger and the face bigger for a more substantial sweet spot, giving you far more distance even on off-center hits. For increased swing speed, the XR hybrids feature an aerodynamic speed step crown. And because high-launching shots that land softly on the green are critical to scoring, these hybrids have more overall weight shifted back and low to get the ball up faster than traditional long irons.

The most complex iron ever created by Callaway features an Exo-Cage club head construction designed to increase forgiveness and boost distance. Callaway engineers found a way to hollow out the hosel where it meets the face and added reinforcing bars for stability at impact for maximum forgiveness and straighter shots. The 360 Face Cup Technology helps to maximize ball speed off the face and increase distance. Plus, tungsten weighting drives down the center of gravity for higher-launching shots that land more softly on the green.

This article was republished with permission from Worldwide Golf Insider’s October-November 2016 edition.  To read the entire insider, please click HERE.