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Steelhead XR Line Targets Distance, Forgiveness

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.56.55 AMThe newest members of Callaway’s XR family are the Steelhead XR irons and hybrids, and both are designed to provide more distance, even on off-center hits, and greater forgiveness and control.

Start with the irons, which feature next-generation 360 Face Cup technology. That is made to generate higher ball speeds and greater distance as a result of the edges of the ultra-thin clubface being able to flex more freely and release at impact with greater efficiency. A Hollow Bore-Thru hosel is included to boost distance and forgiveness as well, thanks to how it enables company engineers to save weight in that part of the club and put it instead in different parts of the head.

That elevates moment of inertia and puts the center of gravity in what they consider to be optimal positions for launching long, mid- and short irons. In addition, a steel-infused polyurethane layer is placed low in the head and behind the lower portion of the face so that it may absorb unwanted impact vibration and enhance sound and feel.

As for the Steelhead XR hybrids, they employ a clubface that is “energized” by an updated Hyper Speed Face Cup engineered to promote faster ball speed, even on mis-hits. A deep-and-back
CG is made to produce a higher launch, for greater carry, while the use of Callaway’s Speed Step technology is intended to improve distance by improving airflow
around the clubhead.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.50.18 AMFinally, the creation of a slightly deeper body and longer blade length not only raises MOI, technicians say, but also enlarges the hitting area, for better forgiveness and greater ease in executing shots from a variety of lies.

The Steelhead XR irons are available in lofts 3-LW, while the Steelhead XR hybrids come in 3H–6H.

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post.