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Step Up Your Game with Titleist’s New Scotty Cameron Phantom 11 Putters

Golfers, brace yourselves for an exciting update from Titleist: the release of the new Scotty Cameron Phantom 11 mallet putters. The launch this month is part of an expansion of the Phantom series, which has already seen several innovative mallet models hit the shelves earlier this year. Designed for precision and control, the putters aim to transform the putting experience for golfers at all levels.

Unveiling the Phantom 11 – A New Era of Putter Innovation

The Phantom series represents a significant leap in putter technology, and the Phantom 11 is no exception, as it also boasts features designed to significantly enhance your performance. Made with arrow alignment features, the latest putters include the Phantom 11, 11.5, and the Phantom 11 Long Design.

Redesigned for stability, the Phantom 11 offers high-MOI with a mid-bend shaft to make it easier to set up consistently to the target. Similar in design, the Phantom 11.5 includes a low-bend shaft that encourages a slight arc in the stroke and is available in right- and left-handed versions. The Phantom 11 Long Design extends these features into a 38-inch counterbalanced model with a stiffer mid-bend shaft and dual 25-gram tungsten weights, which quiet the hands during the stroke for increased stability and accuracy.

A Closer Look at Phantom’s Legacy

Before the arrival of the Phantom 11, Titleist had already made waves with the introduction of other Scotty Cameron Phantom models in March, including the Phantom 5, Phantom 7, and Phantom 9. The broader Phantom lineup now features four unique head shapes and multiple neck and shaft configurations that are the result of feedback from Phantom players across the worldwide professional tours. The Phantom putters are engineered for optimal alignment, stability, and a softer feel, and they include a new custom-designed grip for better handling and face angle awareness.

Why Choose Scotty Cameron Phantom Putters?

Scotty Cameron’s reputation for quality and precision is well-known in the golf community. Since the early 1990s, he has been designing and crafting putters known for their craftsmanship, premium materials, and innovative designs, and the Phantom series continues to uphold those high standards.

Available Now

The Phantom 11 series, along with its predecessors, is available at Worldwide Golf stores nationwide. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old putter or simply want to try out the latest in golf technology, the Scotty Cameron Phantom series offers top-tier options that can enhance your performance on the greens.

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