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Hank Haney – Stop Hitting Fat Iron Shots

How do you make sure you’re hitting the ball before the turf?  Set up two tees between a golf ball and make sure your divot is coming past tees. This tip, courtesy of Callaway Golf.

Hank Haney:  Hank Haney here to talk to you about the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball. Callaway just introduced another Chrome Soft, the Chrome Soft X. There’s two Chrome Soft Golf Balls now. The Chrome Soft X is going to spin just a little bit more with the short iron. If you’re someone who needs more spin with the short irons, you want a little more control that way, you can get it with the Chrome Soft X.

Here is a tip that will help you get even more control with your short irons. You have to make solid ball turf contact. You want to catch the ball and then the turf. If you hit any grace behind the ball, it’s going to take away from your spin. Here’s a little drill you can do. Take a couple of tees and draw a line on the ground so that you’re even with those two tees. Then put the ball right on that line. The idea is going to be that I want you to contact the ground, and then in front of that line, you’re going to make your divot. If you make a divot at all, it’s going to be in front of that line, so you get solid ball turf contact.

One big key is that you’re aware of where the bottom of your swing is, and the way you’re going to do that is you’re going to make sure you finish through the shot. If you hang back at all, you’re going to tend to bottom out behind the ball. You’re going to get grass in between the club and the ball, and it’s going to take away spin. Turn your body all the way through. Don’t buckle to the target. Finish through. That’s going to move the bottom of the swing forward and you’re going to make better contact and will have more control on your short irons.