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Cobra features 3D printed putters, upgraded Vintage series

If you’re into innovation that works, you have to tip your cap to Cobra’s KING 3D Printed putter series. 

Cobra’s mallets are unique in featuring a 3D-printed, lattice nylon cartridge in the interior, integral in providing stability and pleasing aural feedback. They’ve also incorporated SIK Golf’s Descending Loft Technology, which provides for a pure, straight roll whether a golfer is hitting up or down on the ball. 

Tungsten weights and a forged aluminum crown contribute to the excellent balance. New for 2022 are the eight current models – the Grandsport 35, Grandsport AL, Agera, Agera AL, Agera 30, Supernova, Supernova 20 and Supernova 30 – that now offer a slick all-black finish. 
Cobra also has spruced up its Vintage series of blades and mallets, with new models and hosel additions to fit every type of putting stroke. The most prominent newcomer is the Cuda, an eye-catching mallet that’s available in a single bend and a slant neck design. 

Others in the series employ classic aesthetics but are armed with all of the modern bells and whistles.

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