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Summer Golf Apparel: Stylish and Functional Picks at Worldwide Golf

Summer is here, and it’s time to refresh your golf wardrobe with the latest and greatest in apparel from Worldwide Golf. Whether you’re looking to stay cool on the course or elevate your style game, we’ve got you covered with three essential items.

Upgrade Your Headwear: Melin Hats

Melin hats are favored by golfers and outdoor enthusiasts for their quality, stylish designs, and practical features. Made from durable materials, they offer comfort and performance with moisture-wicking linings and antimicrobial sweatbands. Their contemporary styles, including snapbacks and trucker hats, come in unique patterns and colors. Designed with adjustable straps for a custom fit, perforated panels for breathability, and features such as UPF sun protection and water resistance, Melin hats are ideal for playing golf and other outdoor activities.

One standout option is the Melin Men’s Odyssey Stacked Hydro Hat. Designed to repel water, it features a taller fit inspired by trucker hats, a custom rubberized patch, and a buoyant visor. With antimicrobial properties, a moisture-wicking lining, and a hidden pocket, the hat is lightweight, durable, and ready for any golf adventure.

Ultimate Comfort: TravisMathew Men’s Cheers 2.0 Stretch Woven Belt

Looking for a belt that combines comfort, style, and functionality? The TravisMathew Men’s Cheers 2.0 Stretch Woven Belt is crafted from stretch woven materials, offering a braided look and adjustable design. The stretch woven construction ensures easy movement on and off the course. With no holes, you can secure the belt anywhere for a quick and comfortable fit. Whether you’re on a juice cleanse or indulging in a burrito binge, the Cheers 2.0 belt adjusts effortlessly to your needs.

Play in Style: PUMA Men’s Dealer Tailored Pants

For a classic yet modern look on the golf course, the PUMA Men’s Dealer Tailored Pants offer both comfort and style. Made with at least 20 percent recycled material, the pants contribute to a more sustainable future. Featuring back and side pockets for convenience and the PUMA Cat logo on the back for a stylish touch, they are practical and fashionable.

Gear Up for Summer Golf

With these stylish and functional apparel options, you’ll be ready to hit the course with confidence this summer. CLICK HERE to explore these products and more at Worldwide Golf.