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Superhot 55: Long, Straight And Soft

superhot-55-white-cutaway-2016Callaway engineers say that their new Superhot 55 golf ball is designed to be super long and super straight. Thanks to a low compression of 55, the three-piece product also possesses what they describe as super soft feel, especially around the greens.

The distance comes largely from a low-drag, HEX aerodynamic design on the Surlyn cover that is built to provide optimal lift, so that the ball stays in the air longer. On drives, to be sure, but on iron shots through the bag as well. A high-velocity core also helps add length by bolstering ball speed.

As for promoting straighter shots, that is the result of the cover system working with a soft HPF mantle layer to produce less spin – and by extension fewer hooks and slices and more controlled ball flights.

With regard to the feel of the Superhot 55s, that attribute stems primarily from the low compression, which allows players of all abilities to better compress the ball.

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post