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Superhot Combines Distance and Greenside Control


By John Steinbreder of Global Golf Post

It’s the HEX aerodynamics of this ball and the way that feature promotes low drag and optimal lift that lets Superhot stay in the air longer and travel further off the driver and all the way through the bag to the short irons. It is also a big reason why the product bears that name, and Callaway officials praise it for the “super long distance” it provides.

Superhot5But they also are quick to laud the ball for the ways its three-piece construction, which includes a low-compression Polybutadiene core, and HPF ionomer mantle layer and a soft ionomer cover, work to increase spin and by extension control around the green.

Callaway Superhot is sold in 15-ball packs and available in the traditional white color as well as so-called BOLD options that include yellow, red or orange in matte finishes.

Republished with permission from Global Golf Post