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Taking Off!

Explore top-of-the-line launch monitors enhancing golf experiences at home, the office or on the go

It was during a light-hearted moment in the fifth season of the TV show ‘Fargo’ that reality hit with the whack of a golf ball: Launch monitors and home golf simulators have gone mainstream.

A Minnesota Police Deputy, Indira Olmstead, is at home, when she hears an unmistakable noise – the resonating thud of a club head striking a golf ball. When she investigates, she finds her husband in the garage practicing his swing with a new home golf simulator – still working on that slice, he admits.

The amusing moment provides an insight into how a growing number of golf enthusiasts are re-creating their own private golfing havens at home or the office. Whether it’s in the backyard, garage, or a reserved indoor space, golf simulators are becoming the cutting-edge answer to convenient, efficient practice sessions and home entertainment.

“For a lot of people, the real story is about building a home simulator solution,” says Jeff Levy, Worldwide Golf Accessories Buyer. “It starts with the launch monitor, but then comes the enclosure or net. You can get started as low as around $1,200 when you’re investing in a hitting net and one of the lower end launch monitors.”

Creating a home golf simulator is a flexible affair, covering several different options. Some golfers opt for an outdoor solution in the backyard, others prefer to dedicate a room indoors, and many even convert their garage. The selection for each golfer will inevitably depend on their specific needs, space availability, and the budget at their disposal.

The latest wave of technology has hit golfing households due to a number of factors, such as time schedules or bad weather. A golf simulator built at home opens up a whole new world of leisure, practice, and enjoyment on demand. Moreover, the setups also offer data-rich practice sessions courtesy of the launch monitors.

“It’s becoming incredibly popular,” Levy said.

Golfers considering setting up their own simulator have a range of monitors to choose from. Starting from entry-level devices to the more premium gadgets, the spectrum of products caters to a wide variety of budgets and requirements.

Here are eight options to explore:


Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor

Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor

A top choice for golf enthusiasts intent on refining their skills, the Garmin R10 serves portability without compromising on performance. It comes packed with recording features, providing video clips with real stats overlaid on each shot. What’s more, it houses up to 42,000 virtual courses for an immersive golf experience. With 10 hours of battery life, it ensures enduring training sessions and offers compatibility with the E6 Connect library to easily play photorealistic courses whenever you want. Available for $499.99.

Voice Caddie SC4 Simulator and Launch Monitor

Voice Caddie SC4 Simulator and Launch Monitor

For golfers seeking a balanced blend of functionality and precision, the Voice Caddie SC4 is a compelling choice. The dual-purpose golfing tool can function as a standalone launch monitor or connect to your smart device for a more advanced experience. In simulator mode, the SC4 offers a rich display of metrics and stats augmented with photorealistic courses. Notably, it measures multiple parameters, including carry distance, launch direction, swing and ball speed, spin rate and more to help improve your performance. Available for $549.99.

OptiShot Golf In A Box Simulator

OptiShot Golf in a Box Simulator 2

The OptiShot Golf In A Box series delivers a perfect solution for golfers seeking a versatile and easy-to-setup experience. With the OptiShot2 simulator, it provides accurate swing and club analysis, capturing key details like club speed, face angle, face contact, and tempo. The dynamic gameplay allows multiplayer participation in course mode, increasing the fun factor. Moreover, the OptiShot2 includes 15 premium real-world golf courses for an enduring golf experience right at home. Available from $1,000-$5,000.


Rapsodo MLM2PRO Mobile Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator

Rapsodo MLM2Pro Mobile Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator

This award-winning mobile golf simulator and launch monitor takes accuracy and data to an entirely new level. With 13 core metrics, swing vision for multi-angle swing replay, and over 30,000 simulated golf courses, the MLM2 sets new standards for home golfing systems. It’s also designed for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring you can play anywhere and anytime. Available for $699.99.

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor

SkyTrac+ Launch Monitor

Advanced and versatile, the SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor boasts a dual doppler radar system to deliver comprehensive club data. It doesn’t just stop at providing unmatched accuracy — it also extends the fun by offering a plethora of global courses transforming your home or business into a virtual golfing destination. Available for $2,695.


Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

Designed with the towering standards of Tiger Woods, the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor empowers every golfer with professional-level accuracy and extensive data points. This versatile gadget not only displays your golf metrics on the unit itself, but it can also connect to your iOS devices for unrestricted access to your swing data. With a compact design, you can bring the effortless golf practice on this device on the go. Available for $4,999.

Skytrack+ Golf Simulator Studio

SkyTrak+ Golf Simulator Studio Package

The SkyTrak+ Golf Simulator Studio offers an all-inclusive package, transforming any regular space into a professional-grade golf simulator studio. Harnessing the power of its precision-tech, SkyTrak+ presents an effortless transformation with its easy installation process, unlocking a premium at-home golf practice and entertainment experience. Available for $5,995.

Bushnell Launch Pro Ball Enabled

Bushnell Launch Pro Ball Enabled Launch Monitor

The Bushnell Launch Pro Ball Enabled Unit offers high-end sophistication by rendering pivotal club and ball stats through capturing images of the ball in real-time. Providing essential metrics such as carry distance, total spin, vertical and horizontal launch angles, the unit opens up comprehensive insights into your golfing performance, and exemplifies Bushnell’s commitment to helping every golfer know their numbers and ultimately improve their game. Available for $1,999.99.

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