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Introducing TaylorMade GAPR Irons

TaylorMade GAPR Irons | GAPR Lo, GAPR Mid, GAPR Hi

Most recreational golfers are used to being told they have distance gaps between their short irons and wedges, and between the various wedges they carry. But TaylorMade’s research has found that most players also have a significant gap in their long game – that is, between the longest playable iron in their bag and the shortest metalwood they’re comfortable hitting.

That distance gap often leads to the familiar refrain, “I don’t have a club for that distance and shot,” which causes other problems. Go all out with your metalwood and make poor contact which sends shots left and right, or choke down on your iron and try to finesse one in there, which also often results in poor contact and off-center hits.

To help fix this problem, TaylorMade has created the GAPR (pronounced “GAP-er”) family of clubs with three unique shapes – GAPR Hi, GAPR Mid, and GAPR Lo.

Let’s talk about some of the technology from TaylorMade that you’ll find in the GAPR line of clubs.

They feature TaylorMade’s patented SpeedFoam technology which is a foam substance that’s injected into each club, then capped and allowed to expand. SpeedFoam serves a dual purpose – promote enhanced ball speed and dampen vibrations from the club hitting the ball to help create optimal sound and feel.

Each GAPR club also comes with TaylorMade’s Loft-Sleeve which makes every club’s loft, lie, and desired trajectory adjustable. This allows you to dial in your preferred yardage, as well as make adjustments as your swing evolves.

All GAPR clubs feature a low center of gravity to help launch the ball and promote maximum distance. You’ll find the GAPR Lo (for lower-handicap players) features a low-forward CG for a player-preferred mid-to-low trajectory, while the GAPR Mid offers an ultra-low, forward CG which in turn promotes a mid-high trajectory. The GAPR Hi is for higher-handicap players and therefore utilizes an ultra-low, back CG to promote a higher trajectory and help launch the ball high in the air more easily, an often-difficult feat for high-handicap players.

When selecting the right GAPR to fill a hole in your game, you’ll also want to consider the width of the club’s sole. The GAPR Lo offers a mid-thin sole which affords better players the workability and ball flight control they desire.

The GAPR Mid features a mid-wide sole that allows for some versatility, but also a bit more forgiveness to help with ease of play. Conversely, the GAPR Hi is a hybrid-style club with a wide sole which features a dropped crown contour for a lower CG, as well as to help your alignment each time you stand over the ball.

What’s more, TaylorMade has created a GAPR fitting program to help you, “Choose Your Shape, Find Your Distance, Fix Your Gap.” Simply answer what your longest playable iron and shortest metalwood are, then apply the answers from the chart to see your distance gap and GAPR recommendation. After that, choose your desired trajectory and head shape – Lo, Mid or Hi – and finally, fine-tune your selection by choosing a shaft and adjusting the Loft Sleeve.