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TaylorMade Introduces TP Reserve Family

CARLSBAD, Calif. (June 23, 2023) – With a history of innovation in putter technology, TaylorMade Golf expands its reach across the ecosystem of putter design and plants its flag in the world of premium milled putters with the launch of TP Reserve.

The TP Reserve family of premium milled putters features three classic blade shapes and three refined mallets. Each TP Reserve model is a blend of detailed precision, crafted with classic styling and awe-inspiring aesthetics.

Designed and machined with soft 303 stainless steel, machined-in grooves on the face reduce surface area, impacting the ball for a softer feel and crisp sound.

TP Reserve M21 FACE

TP Reserve has fine linear mill marks across the face with a set of grooves machined in at a specific depth to achieve optimal sound. The grooves are machined in the same linear fashion with strike location from top-to-bottom and heel-to-toe, maintaining the same sound regardless of impact location.

TaylorMade engineers created four different fitting options via a combination of shaft and hosel designs for selective toe hangs. The hosel in each model is represented by the second number in the model name. Hosels included are: L-Neck No. 1, Small Slant No. 3, Single Bend No. 7 and Flow Neck No. 9.

“There is a large bucket of golfers that love the look of a classic putter shape, and we took the time to carefully craft performance in a way that is a brand-new opportunity for us. The story of TP Reserve is about style, craftsmanship and character which can be seen in every aspect of the putter. We sweated the details, received TOUR feedback and went with refined edges, thinner toplines, new flange thickness and blade length to create putters built off exactness instead of sameness.”

– Bill Price, Senior Director Product Creation, Putter & Wedge

tm23ptr tp r b f 2
TP Reserve B Family

B11 & B13: Shaping to Fit the Calculated Putting Mind

Clean geometric shaping with precise edges and sharp lines help frame the ball while inspiring confidence. A thin machined topline creates an exact 8mm topline compared to the 9mm topline of the TP Juno cast putter it took inspiration from. With feedback from TaylorMade Tour Professionals, the B1 models also have a longer blade length.

tp r b11 3q
TP Reserve B11

B11 features a reinvented L-neck hosel where machining allowed for a shorter hosel bucket and increased radii on the edges. B13 has a small slant hosel with 57° of toe hang, the most of any putter in the TP Reserve line.

B29: Shaped for the Purpose of Putting

tp r b29 adr
TP Reserve B29

With smooth, flowing lines the B29 model produces an exceptional feel and consistent roll time after time. B29 draws inspiration from the TP Soto and features the flow neck hosel, with machined bumpers to achieve softer edges.

B31: Reinventing a TaylorMade Classic

tp r b31 sole
TP Reserve B31

Engineers reinvented this classic TaylorMade shape by shaving away material behind center face to create perfectly balanced wings on the heel and toe – dispersing weight to the perimeter for enhanced MOI. 

Compared to the TP Del Monte, which was 104mm from heel to toe, the B31 is 110m to create a distinctive look with more stability. The B31 model is the only blade to feature a sole plate to dial in sound on this larger blade. It comes with the same L-neck hosel as B11.

M21 & M27: Tour-Proven Wing Design

Inspired by the TP Bandon, M21 and M27 mallets deliver high MOI performance and elegant aesthetics. The models feature a combination of soft edges and a blend of machine marks with sharp geometric lines that reflect the technical precision of this classic mallet.

tp r m21 3q
TP Reserve M21

M27 has a new mid-length single bend that is shorter, making the point where the shaft bends closer to the putter head. This reduces offset and produces minimal toe hang promoting easier setup and repetitive alignment.

Every TP Reserve mallet has a premium sole plate offering artisanship and function to help optimize sound and feel.

M33 & M37: Appealing to the Golfer’s Inner Creativity

tp r m33 adr
TP Reserve M33

This round shape is new to the TaylorMade family with outside edges that are machined and have radii to control the dimensions for advanced exactness. This model is the only TP Reserve mallet with a sightline on top, in addition to two in the back cavity. Both models have a 1mm thicker topline than the M21 & M27 models.

M33, with the small slant hosel, has the most toe hang of the TP Reserve mallets at 33°.

M47: Inspiring the Putting Purist

tp r m47 3q
TP Reserve M47

M47 is a blend of a blade and mallet crafted into a flawless piece of performance steel. It has the widest topline of the three TP Reserve mallets and gradient thickness in the cavity and a perfected radius along the bumpers.

Pricing, Specifications & Availability

tp r w h l

TP Reserve will be available at and at retail on June 23 with an MSRP of $399.99 USD. All models come in right-handed and left-handed options with lengths of 33’’, 34’’ and 35’’. The putters come equipped with KBS 120 Chrome stepless shaft and Black Lamkin Deep Etched Pistol grip to optimize feel.

TP Reserve putters come with a premium leather headcover with its minimalist design and soft-to-the-touch feel.