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TaylorMade M5/M6 Metalwoods

Building on the M family of drivers, fairway metals and hybrids, TaylorMade has pushed the boundaries of technology with the M5 and M6 line of Metalwoods. With input from Tour staffers like Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and Tiger Woods, TaylorMade set out to create their fastest line of metals yet.

Last year, the company introduced their revolutionary Twist Face technology in the M3 and M4 drivers, designed to offer more speed and increased forgiveness on off-center hits. So where could they go from there?

Reinventing Twist Face, the answer for TaylorMade is what they call Speed Injected Twist Face. In essence, this is a hotter face but one that also feels more stable on all hits. The M5 and M6 drivers are engineered to make every player, from Tour pros down to weekend golfers, faster and able to generate more speed.

According to TM, Speed Injected Twist Face features a new, revolutionary process in which every individual clubhead is calibrated right up to the threshold of what’s legally allowed by the USGA and the R&A. They actually inject each clubhead with a new, tuning resin which then brings them right to the brink of the legal limit, ensuring the maximum amount of speed permissible under the governing bodies.

M5 Driver

TaylorMade M5 Tour DriverFollowing in the footsteps of previous generations, M1 and M3, the M5 is geared toward those players who prefer optimal customization. The inverse T-Track allows users to personalize the clubhead to their specific swing so they can dial in their preferred ball flight, feel, and forgiveness. This redesigned T-Track now includes two 10-gram weights which you can position to help increase MOI and maximize optimal launch conditions.

The signature Speed Injected Twist Face equals longer and straighter drives all around. It features a patented face curvature that’s engineered to reduce sidespin and deliver straighter shots on off-center hits. And hey, let’s be honest, how many of us hit it flush in the center a majority of the time? Most of us produce a lot of off-center strikes, so this Twist Face technology will help on those mishits.

M6 Driver

Golfers seeking maximum forgiveness will benefit from playing the M6 driver, which features a faster, more aerodynamic sole than the M5. The aerodynamic, all-carbon sole helps create a discretionary weight to allow for 46 grams of mass to be placed low and back in the clubhead which in turn increases CG and MOI, equating to more forgiveness on mishits and higher launch with lower spin, meaning ultimate distance.

TaylorMade M6 DriverThe M5 driver is available in a standard configuration, as well as the M5 Tour which offers a player-preferred head shape. Meanwhile, the M6 comes standard, as well as the M6 D-type which offers a draw bias for those seeking help fighting a slice.

And in order to further maximize distance and accuracy, the M5/M6 series comes with a choice of premium no-upcharge shafts, so that you can select your desired shaft stiffness to personalize your launch and spin characteristics. Find the perfect combination of head and shaft and the results will be amazing.


M5/M6 Fairway Metals

For the first time, the M5/M6 line of fairway metals features TaylorMade’s patented Twist Face technology, so that now you can expect that same help with accuracy and straight shots as you see in the drivers.

The M5 fairway metal is fully customizable with Next-Gen adjustability. A 65-gram movable steel weight allows you to adjust for either a fade or draw bias. Adjust the loft with a streamlined, 12-position Loft Sleeve which allows for plus/minus 2º adjustability so that you’re able to dial in the exact specifications to match your swing and game.

Meanwhile, the M6 offers a slightly deeper face and a larger carbon crown, in addition to an advanced Speed Pocket design which means not only longer and straighter hits but improved turf interaction so that you can reach those par 5s easily in two.

TaylorMade M6 RescueM6 Rescue

An industry pioneer when it comes to rescue clubs, TaylorMade’s latest, the M6 rescue, is the first ever rescue club with Twist Face technology. A redesigned sole to improve turf interaction, combined with the Twist Face, means their longest, straightest hybrid to date. Not only will you find improved contact on all strikes, and especially off-center hits, but also with the stepped crown and lower CG, it’s an absolute beast out of the rough and just about any other lie you may find yourself in, making it perhaps the most versatile club in your bag.