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TaylorMade MG4 Wedges: 2023 Review

One of the most effective ways to improve your score is to sharpen your short game. You can cut down on the number of putts per round by getting chip shots around the green and your approach shots closer to the hole, making wedge play from 100 yards and in extremely important. As a result, golfers are often looking for clubs that will help them increase consistency and accuracy as you get closer and around the green.

The TaylorMade MG4 wedges are the newest wedge offering from TaylorMade, and they promise improvements in overall spin rate, wet weather performance, feel, and aesthetics. They’ve leveraged some new technology to achieve this, so we are going to do a review covering the following:

  • Key features
  • Pros and cons
  • Final verdict

Let’s dive into the MG4s and see what we find.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the TaylorMade MG4 wedges that contribute to the gains in performance we hope to see in the clubs:

Laser-Etched Spin Tread Grooves Deep laser-etching between the grooves provides a moisture channel for the water to escape at impact, improving wet weather performance.
Increased Flange Thickness Increased thickness improves the sound and feel of every strike.
Improved Head Shaping A reshaped top line, leading edge, and hosel bend create a smoother and fuller look at address.
Machined Sole The fully machined sole ensures the perfect grind and bounce geometry every time.

These features provide better accuracy, spin, aesthetics, and feel. Their laser-etching technology ensures that more spin is preserved in wet conditions, which makes it a more reliable tool in the bag of golfers who often deal with inclement weather or wetter conditions on their home course.

Pros and Cons

For those considering whether the TaylorMade MG4 wedges are right for them, we think the following pros and cons are worth considering:

Pros Cons
Exceptional performance in wet conditions
Feel and sound improvements are noticeable
Consistent spin rates on full and partial swings
Looks Upper-end price point for a wedge
Tour-inspired head shape may be a bit small for high-handicap golfers

The TaylorMade MG4s feel and sound great. They provide excellent spin, and their ability to maintain that spin in wet weather is much improved– as advertised. Their new shape is an overall positive for most players, but those who rely on larger head sizes may not prefer the tour-inspired head shape of the MG4.

Final Verdict

The TaylorMade MG4 are fantastic wedges and provide noticeable improvements over previous TaylorMade wedge offerings. They live up to their price tag as premium performance wedges and provide exceptional reliability for golfers that experience varied weather. Even those in drier climates will likely find the MG4s workable, easy to control, and capable of providing optimal launch and descent angles that will stop on a dime upon landing.

TaylorMade delivers on all of its promises, and provides a great product that most golfers will be happy to have in their bag. The MG4s are great for mid-low handicap golfers, but can still serve newer golfers well as long as they understand that they are buying a wedge that they can grow into and get more out of as they improve the consistency of their shot.

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