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Taylormade Qi Irons Review 2024

The two models covered in our Taylormade Qi irons review.

Taylormade has made countless lines of incredible irons, with golfers of all experience levels appreciating what they bring to the table. While many tour-worthy irons come out of a Taylormade warehouse, their newest irons focus on game improvement and helping golfers hit straighter shots. These Taylormade Qi irons bring fresh styling and a new blend of hollow body and cavity back technology that provides some interesting results.

In our Taylormade Qi irons review, we will cover:

  • Key features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Who they are for
  • Where to buy them

Let’s dive into each and figure out exactly what these do to fill the gaps in Taylormade’s lineup.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the Taylormade Qi irons:

Straight Distance The Qi irons are designed to not just amplify distance, causing misses to sail even further to the right, but also to correct shot trajectory a bit to provide long and straight iron shots
Individual Head Optimization The head of each individual iron is specifically designed to provide the most consistent shots with that club, instead of only changing head shape between every 3 or 4 clubs
FLTD CG The FLTD CG strategically positions the center of gravity (CG) lowest in the long irons and progressively shifts it higher throughout the set, creating better launch and playability in long irons while allowing for more precision and control in the scoring clubs
Consistent Performance Increased blade length improves forgiveness, while the redefined leading-edge geometry is designed to give players a consistent strike for higher launch
Higher and Lighter Model Option The new Qi HL (Higher and Lighter) is designed with weaker lofts and an ultralight component package for players who can benefit from a higher launch and increased clubhead speed to help maximize carry distance and accuracy

Pros and Cons

The Taylormade Qi irons are useful clubs for those looking to hit straighter with their irons, but there are pros and cons to consider before buying:

Pros Cons
✔ Great distance for golfers who need more in their irons
✔ Cap-back design does strike a balance between the feel of a hollow body and a cavity-back
✔ Noticeable accuracy improvements for golfers with a slice
✘ Very little workability
✘ Aesthetics don’t stand out for better or for worse 

Overall, these Qi irons perform great for what they are designed to do, essentially pairing hollow-body forgiveness with the contact behavior and feedback of a cavity-back.

Who are the Taylormade Qi Irons For?

As a cross between hollow-body irons and cavity-back irons, the Qi can provide great results for mid-high handicappers. That being said, the focus of the tech largely leans toward the forgiveness and distance that hollow-body irons provide without as much influence from the cavity-back side of their inspiration. As a result, these will provide the most value to high-handicappers who struggle with contact consistency and/or a slice. 

The HL model has a more specific purpose: to bring the extra swing speed and launch needed by those with slower swing speeds. So, golfers with this specific concern will be best served by the Taylormade Qi HL irons.

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