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TaylorMade Rolls Out Its TP Collection

By: Global Golf Post

227506-tp_putter_family-e86471-original-1476740588TaylorMade is rolling out a new line of putters that utilizes the company’s Pure Roll insert, which is designed to promote better forward roll and reduce skidding, and employs other technologies made to improve play on greens. Dubbed the TP Collection, it includes six models, all of which are named for notable areas, regions and landmarks in golf. Four of the flat sticks are available next month, with two others coming to market in early 2017.

Start with Juno and Soto, classic blade putters with heel-toe weighting calibrated to optimize balance, control and feel. The Juno, which Sergio García had in his bag during the 2016 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine, features longer, squared-off contours and a single sightline on top. As for the Soto, it boasts softer, more-rounded edges as well as a single sightline in the back cavity. Both models come with plumber’s neck hosels and have a pair of moveable, 10-gram weights in the sole for what TaylorMade technicians describe as “swing weight customization.”

227507-0x5a0388-b1f4c9-original-1476740933Next up is a pair of mallets known as Mullen and Berwick. The Mullen is endowed with a more compact head design. There are two sightlines on the back cavity, and a short “S” hosel that allows for a slight toe hang of 38 degrees. Berwick has a more-rounded mallet shape and possesses a thicker topline and single sightline on the back cavity. And on the sole, they each feature a pair of moveable, 5-gram weights.

Then, there are Ardmore and Chaska, mid-size modern mallets that are not available until next year. The Ardmore comes with a deep cavity with dual sightlines, for improved balance and alignment. Tipping the scales at 355 grams, it also features a double-bend shaft with three-quarters offset and is face-balanced with 3.5 degrees of loft. As for the Chaska, it revisits the original TaylorMade Corza Ghost with the circular alignment aid on the back of the putter and three sightlines on top. It, too, is face balanced and has a three-quarter shaft offset.

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post