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Tee it High and Let it Fly

Here are 4 brands of tees that can make a difference in your game

Consistent Tee

When you think of added distance off the tee, your first thought is the driver, not the tee, right? Sure, today’s drivers are amazing feats of engineering, but don’t overlook that little peg in the ground, because it too may be just the ticket to gaining more yards. One look and you’ll see these space-age tees are designed to reduce friction at impact, resulting in longer drives – and shorter irons into the green.

The problem a lot of golfers face is teeing up the ball at the exact same height every time. An inconsistent tee height leads to inconsistent impact on the club face, so some drives are higher and some are lower. The solution? Consistent Tees. By using a small ridge, the Consistent Tee lets you tee it up at the same height every time to launch your drives with the proper angle and spin to maximize distance.
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Evolution Tees

The Evolution Tee is formed of high-impact plastic topped off with a low-resistance tip that creates less friction between the ball and the tee, resulting in longer drives. Available in three lengths, you can choose the appropriate length for your preference. The longer tees are designed for today’s larger club heads, while the shorter tees are perfect for use with fairway woods and hybrids off the tee. Available in 1½”, 2¾” and 3¼”.
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Fly Tees by Champ

Here’s a tee that performs among the best of them. Yes, Fly Tees will help increase your distance and accuracy from the tee box. Made from extremely durable plastic, the unique six- prong head makes it easier to place the ball on the tee and will keep it more stable at impact. The six prongs also mean less contact points and less resistance. With its added durability and contoured cup design, this tee is a great performer for all skill levels.
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4 Yards More Tees

As the name implies, you can get up to 4 yards more on every drive simply by teeing it up with the 4 Yards More Golf Tee. Independently tested by a robotic swing, the 4 Yards More Tee outdistanced the standard wooden tee thanks to the flexible, six-prong tip that effectively reduces friction and resistance and allows better ball contact at impact. Durable as well, the 4 Yards More Tee lasts on average for more than 100 drives.
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