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Test Post – To See if Theme Update is Working Properly

By: Tom Brassell

Hello, Josh and team. This post is created to see if the updates to the them will carry through once the post is published. Up until now, the formatting, etc. is visible during the preview of the post, but after publishing and viewing, the formatting is not happening.

First, the featured image for this post is a box of Srixon Z Star XV Balls. The option to HIDE the featured image is turned ON. So, if you see this image at the top of the post, that function is not working properly.

Second, the byline in this post has been created in a smaller font than the body. If it does not show that way, it is not working properly.

Thirdly, the image of the FootJoy shoe has been reduced in size, and has been set to right justify on this page. If it does not appear that way, it is not working properly.

Next, a YouTube video has been inserted below. In the post and in preview, it is centered and takes up the entire width of the page. If it is small, does not take up the page and is left justified, it is not working properly.

Finally, I’ve added a gallery of photos. These should show up in two rows of 4 photos each. If they do not show up that way and are full screen, one each down the page, it is not working properly.

Lastly, 2 things. First, every time I save the post, exit it, and come back to it, the above image and gallery have an error message saying “Invalid Block Content” (see below image). I click the box to correct “Attempt Block Recovery”, but after exiting, it does it again. Finally, below are screen shots of how this appears in “Preview” mode.