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Worldwide Golf Shops content provides golfers with local knowledge to improve their game

Worldwide Golf Shops does a lot more than sell equipment to help golfers improve their game.

With the use of its social media channels, Worldwide Golf Shops provides customers with valuable information about the features and benefits of equipment, custom fitting, how to play the game, and much more.

“We pride ourselves in our expertise from our staff across all of our stores, and the content we produce online is an opportunity to continue to help golfers beyond brick and mortar,” said Trevor Cigich, Director of Retail Marketing for Worldwide Golf Shops. “This is our chance to help golfers keep improving even if we don’t see them in our stores every day.”

Cigich, a scratch golfer who has been with Worldwide Golf Shops for six years and who has played the game for 21 years, helps devise a game plan to appeal to all levels of golfers and, along with the rest of the team, brings ideas to life.

Worldwide Golf Shops can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. The company’s videos and social media posts contain a mix of educational material that’s designed to inform customers about new features and benefits of the latest equipment from the top brands, the importance of custom fitting (including the questions to ask), and Play Better Golf, which is instructional. 

Still in development is how-to content that will feature topics such as how to pick the right golf ball for your game. 

For Cigich, producing videos and social media features that help golfers improve is more than a job — ­it’s something he genuinely likes to do.

“I truly enjoy helping people,” he said. “The knowledge I have gained through my time here can be tremendously beneficial for our customers and I hope that what the team and I are able to put together can help golfers become better at the craft and improve those handicaps.”

And when it comes to content, Cigich believes there is something for everyone.

Golf also has some tremendous stories to be told. It is much more than what is on the surface,” he said. “I love the story-telling aspect because golf is so unique in a way that there is a lane for everyone. 

It is no longer the country club mentality, it is whatever you want to make of it, and for me showing that to people is one of my favorite parts.”