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The Long Bunker Shot – Tom Watson

The dreaded long bunker shot.

How to play it?

Swing hard and risk skulling it?

Try a lower lofted club and risk chunking it?

How about asking probably one of the most clutch bunker players of all time to show us?

That would be Tom Watson, who along side Roger Cleveland, come to us courtesy of Callaway Golf and their “Wedgeducation Series,” show us how to master the long bunker shot.

Take a watch and then try it for yourself.  Then, take a look at some of the best wedges available from Callaway Golf.

Roger Cleveland:  I’m Roger Cleveland with legend Tom Watson, and we have a question from Aaron from the Callaway community. Tom? His question is a long bunker shot, and that is …

Tom Watson:  To that flag over there?

Roger Cleveland:   To that flag over there.

Tom Watson:  That’s a long bunker shot.

Roger Cleveland:  Yes it is.

Tom Watson:   Well, the first thing, make it easy. Aaron, make it easy. Take your sand wedge, go put it in your bag. Take out a less lofted sand wedge if you’ve got a 52, say a gap wedge, which still has some bounce. It’s still very utilitarian in a bunker, and use that.

he other thing that I do, I take a normal stance here, but for a normal bunker shot I’m a little bit open like this. The face is slightly open, but the key, when I go through this, is that when I’m going through this, I make sure that my hands rotate a little faster going through, which takes the loft off the club face, making the ball come out flatter, lower, and roll farther, something like this.

Roger Cleveland:   Beautiful. Not a lot of effort.

Tom Watson:  Very little effort to it really.

Roger Cleveland: Aaron, that’s the answer to the question. Less loft, less effort, great results. Get up and down from anywhere.

Video courtesy Callaway Golf “Wedgeducation”