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Titleist 818 Hybrids


Titleist has put a new meaning to the word hybrid with the release of the 818 line. Incorporated with Tour-proven Titleist driver technology to create the longest, most accurate Titleist hybrids ever, the 818 provides dedicated golfers with the performance and fitting precision to allow you to be deadly accurate from longer distances.

“We define hybrids as scoring clubs, not rescue clubs.” Says Josh Talge, Vice President of Marketing for Titleist Golf Clubs. “That is how our R&D group has been designing these clubs for years, and it is the reason Titleist has become the clear #1 hybrid on the PGA Tour.”

Titleist 818 hybrids offer two different profile choices with performance benefits relative to a player’s swing and head-style preference:

  • 818H1(1)818H1: Designed for golfers who typically sweep the ball and prefer the look of a fairway wood. The 818H1 incorporates a larger profile (bigger than the 818H2 but sleeker than the 816H1), provides high launch, effortless distance, and incredible forgiveness. Available in 19º, 21º, 23º, 25º and 27º lofts.
  • 818H2: Designed for golfers who have a steeper swing and prefer the look of an iron. With a smaller, square-toed profile, and a slight offset for more aggressive players to engage the turf, the 818H2 delivers penetrating launch with precise distance and iron-like control. Available in 17º, 19º, 21º and 23 lofts.

Titleist 818 hybrids are built and designed for distance. But not just any kind of distance, playable distance. Playable distance is the natural distance that launches the ball high into the air and lands softly. To make this happen, Titleist redesigned the Active Recoil Channel 2.0 and moved the clubs MOI 10% higher. The result was a shot that comes off the face hotter with faster ball speeds, higher launch, and higher shot peak.

818H2(1)New SureFit CG technology combined with Titleist’s industry-leading adjustable SureFit Hosel provide precision fitting and maximum shot shaping customization for players of all skill levels. The SureFit Hosel has 16 settings built in to set the loft to their desired loft and lie, optimizing ball flight and turf interaction to help hit the center of the clubface on every shot, maximize distance, and drastically improve control.

Premium Stock Shafts: Titleist 818’s high-performance stock shaft matrix features premium aftermarket options from the Tensei Pro, ATMOS and Even Flow driver/fairway shaft brands that fit a broad range of players and swing speeds. Titleist will be the first manufacturer to offer each of these tour-proven hybrid shaft models:

  • Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Red 50HY (high launch; L flex)
  • Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Red 60HY (high launch; A, R, S)
  • Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Blue 70HY (mid launch; R, S)
  • Mitsubishi Tensei Pro White 90HY (low/mid launch; S, X)
  • Fujikura ATMOS HB Tour Spec Blue 8 (85; low/mid launch; S, X)
  • Project X Even Flow Blue 85HYB (mid/high launch; S)

Titleist 818 hybrids are now available for pre-sale and will be available for purchase on September 29th, 2017. Come try them out for yourself at a Titleist 718/818 demo day, happening on various dates between September 12 & 17 at a Worldwide Golf Shops location near you!