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Titleist Golf Ball Reviews 2024: AVX, Tour Soft, TruFeel, and Velocity

The four balls being covered in our Titleist golf ball reviews.

Titleist currently produces the most popular premium golf balls on the market, and new Titleist releases are anticipated by much of the golf world for this reason. Their dedication to creating competitive balls that help golfers make the most out of their time on the course shows in much of what they release, and they hope to maintain this reputation with their 2024 releases.

In this collection of Titleist golf ball reviews, we are going to cover the following balls:

  • AVX
  • Tour Soft
  • TruFeel
  • Velocity

The first 3 are new or updated for 2024, and the Velocity is a 2022 model that has not been updated but is still extremely popular on the course due to its unique focus on maximum distance, so we are going to cover it alongside the others to give an idea of Titleist’s offerings outside of the Pro V1 lineup.

Titleist Golf Ball Reviews

2024 AVX 2024 Tour Soft 2024 TruFeel 2022 Velocity
Ball Flight Low Balanced Low High
Long Shot Spin Low Low/Moderate Moderate Low
Greenside Spin Moderate Moderate/High High Low/Moderate
Feel Soft Very Soft Softest Firm
Distance Long Long Long Longest


The Titleist AVX is designed to create a low, penetrating ball fight with low spin without sacrificing feel. It has a very soft feel that increases spin and greenside control but is designed to have low spin on full-swing shots to provide a more aggressive ball flight path than most soft golf balls. The AVX is essentially the soft ball for those who want firm ball behavior off the tee.

What’s New in 2024?

The AVX has improved in almost every category in 2024, with measurable gains in overall distance and greenside spin, tangibly softer feel, and reductions in long game spin and launch height.

Tour Soft

The Titleist Tour Soft is designed as a great all-around performer with an exceptionally soft feel. Similarly to the AVX, it is designed to bring spin where you need it on shorter shots and lower spin on full-swing long game shots. The ball flight is generally balanced, not as low as the AVX, but still an optimal ball flight for great distance. The even softer feel makes the greenside spin higher than the AVX, with the Tour Soft behaving much more like a soft golf ball usually does.

What’s New in 2024?

The Tour Soft’s primary improvements in 2024 are longer distance off the tee and increased spin on short shots.


The Titleist TruFeel is designed to prioritize softness over all else. It is the softest ball in the lineup, and provides maximum greenside spin as a result. Surprisingly, the TruFeel still manages a penetrating ball flight on longer shots, though the spin is a bit higher than the AVX. The TruFeel is an ultra-soft ball with some tricks up its sleeve to keep long game launch low.

What’s New in 2024?

The TruFeel’s update focused on increasing greenside spin even more with the softer 3.0 TruFlex cover.


The Titleist Velocity is designed solely for maximum distance and ball speed. It is a low-spinning, higher-launching ball with just enough touch to make it playable in the short game. It has the lowest greenside spin of the bunch, making it a true tee-shot-centered ball for those who want distance above all else.

What’s New in 2024?

The Velocity has filled its niche well since its release and has not been updated for 2024.

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