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Titleist Introduces Next Generation AVX Golf Balls

Reengineered from Core to Cover for Longer Distance, More Greenside Control, Softer Feel

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Jan. 17, 2024) – The new Titleist AVX golf ball has been re-engineered from core to cover to increase performance on every shot, delivering longer distance tee to green, more greenside spin and control and even softer feel.

Available in golf shops worldwide beginning Jan. 24, the new AVX builds upon its unique combination of exceptional distance and extraordinary feel through advancements to every layer of the golf ball:

  • New high gradient, high speed core delivers longer tee-to-green distance and exceptionally soft feel.
  • New thin, high-flex casing layer provides lower spin on long game shots.
  • New 346 quadrilateral dipyramid catenary dimple design allows for a more piercing ball flight.
  • New softer urethane cover delivers softer feel and more greenside spin for excellent short game control.

Relative to Pro V1, Pro V1x and Pro V1x Left Dash, the new AVX maintains its positioning as the lower flying, lower spinning and softer feeling performance option.

“When we ask golfers why they play AVX, the answer is usually distance and feel,” said Jeremy Stone, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “When we ask them what they want more of, the answer is usually greenside spin. New AVX is unique because not only were we able to give golfers more spin and control around the greens, but we were also able to improve on AVX’s strengths. Golfers are going to find the new AVX is a better golf ball across all performance attributes while still staying true to its original long and soft identity in the Titleist lineup.”


  • HIGH GRADIENT, HIGH SPEED CORE: The next generation AVX features a new high gradient, high speed core which provides longer distance from tee to green along with exceptionally soft feel. This is the same high gradient core technology found in Pro V1 and Pro V1x, which helps reduce long game spin without sacrificing greenside spin and control.

“When we talk about the gradient of the core, we’re talking about stiffness as it radiates from the center of the core to the outermost layers of that core. With AVX’s core reformulated for a higher gradient, we’re able to give golfers more of that low spin and long distance with their long irons and hybrids, which is hugely important to the AVX player.” – Mike Madson, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Research & Development

  • HIGH-FLEX CASING LAYER, SOFTER URETHANE COVER: Over the top of AVX’s high gradient core, a new thin, high-flex casing layer reduces excess spin in the long game, while a new softer urethane cover designed for AVX delivers increased spin and stopping power with the scoring clubs. Interactions between the core, casing layer and cover give Titleist engineers the ability to manage spin numbers optimally throughout the bag.

“With three-piece construction golf balls, one of the real benefits is the hard-over-soft and soft-over-hard relationships which allow us to control spin in various aspects of the game. For example, when there is a very high-speed impact condition, the cover is going to play less of a role during that collision. Most of what is interacting with the club face is that stiff casing layer and that soft core, which is a hard-over-soft relationship. When you have hard-over-soft, it drives spin down. Conversely, on shots around the green, the impact with a wedge is a lower speed collision or more of a glancing blow where the interaction is primarily between the cover and the casing layer. When you have that soft cover over that stiff casing layer, that soft-over-hard relationship drives spin up. This helps give AVX golfers the distance they enjoy at the top end of their bags as well as the greenside spin they seek with their wedges.” – Mike Madson, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Research & Development

  • OPTIMIZED AERODYNAMICS: Every Titleist golf ball model has a unique aerodynamics package designed to complement its individual construction and flight window while optimizing distance. A new 346 quad dipyramid catenary dimple design provides the new AVX with a piercing trajectory and helps golfers hit their preferred low flight window. This also helps maintain AVX’s separation between Pro V1 as the lowest-flying urethane offering in the Titleist golf ball family.


New AVX golf balls will be offered in both white and high optic yellow. They will be available on January 24, 2024. MSRP: $49.99


Pro V1, Pro V1x, Pro V1x Left Dash and AVX are differentiated based upon flight, spin, and feel characteristics. Compared to Pro V1, AVX flies lower, spins less, and feels softer. Golfers are encouraged to get fit for and select the Titleist golf ball model that best suits their flight, spin and feel needs. To learn more, visit