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Titleist Launches TS2 & TS3 Woods

With two wins on Tour already this season, Titleist’s new TS line of drivers and fairway metals is proving to be a true game changer. In essence, the TS line – the TS stands for Titleist Speed – is all about the pursuit of speed. We know that in all sports, speed is an enviable and desirable trait to have, and that holds true in golf, where more clubhead speed means more distance.

Two variations of the TS drivers and fairway metals are available – TS2 and TS3. The Titleist Speed Project began with a challenge from Tour players to comb over every detail of the driver and fairway metals and elicit maximum velocity from each and every aspect of the club.

For the better part of two years, the R&D team at Titleist deconstructed the driver’s components and analyzed them in an effort to maximize speed. The product of that intensive and time-consuming task is the Titleist Speed Chassis.

That’s where we get into the nuts and bolts, that is, the technology, that Titleist designed. It all starts with an ultra-thin titanium crown, which according to Titleist is the thinnest titanium crown available. What this does is allows the weight to be shifted lower and deeper where it can be used to promote speed and distance.

A thinner and faster clubface delivers faster ball speeds, but also promotes added forgiveness so you find the fairway more often off the tee. When Titleist talks about a thinner, faster face, they’re striving to amplify the allowable spring-like effect off the clubface. In order to ensure each driver and fairway metal is delivering the greatest spring-like effect, Titleist inspects each and every clubface – using a test called CT – so that you can be assured you’re getting every ounce of ball speed.

Additionally, the company has tried to promote added distance by streamlining the shape of the head to reduce drag by up to 20%. Testing and research have shown us that higher launch and lower spin are the ideal combinations to create more distance off the tee, so Titleist refined the crown and face thickness to create the lowest CG (center of gravity) they’ve ever had, thus magnifying that desired combination of high launch/low spin.

Both models of the TS lineTS2 and TS3 – are specifically designed for ultimate speed, while the TS2 drivers and fairway metals are created to provide the most added forgiveness as well. They feature an adjustable swing weight with a fixed CG location and a modern, 460cc head shape.

Meanwhile, the TS3s offer specialized speed but still provide dynamic forgiveness. They feature both an adjustable swing weight, as well as an adjustable CG so that better players can dial in the driver to their exact needs and specifications. The TS3s feature a traditional, 460cc head shape.

As with the drivers, the TS2 fairway metals offer ultimate speed with the additional benefit of enhanced forgiveness, again with an adjustable swing weight and fixed CG, while the TS3 fairway metals deliver more shot shaping and control via an adjustable swing weight and CG.

Four distinct shaft options are available, each offering specific performance benefits. Players can select from a Kuro Kage Black Dual Core 50/55, a Tensei AV Series Blue 55/65, a HZRDUS Smoke Black 60/70, or an Even Flow T1100 White 65/75.

For those players looking to maximize speed for greater distance, Titleist TS line of drivers and fairway metals provides an outstanding option which has already been used by Justin Thomas (TS3 – 9.5 degrees) to win the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in Akron. Commenting on his new driver after the win, JT said, “The new TS driver was instantly faster off the club and I was able to get a few more yards carry when needed. More importantly for me, my spin numbers were more consistent, therefore it has helped me drive the ball much better.”

Don’t just pull a TS driver or fairway off the rack and play it, make sure you visit a Worldwide Golf Shops location near you to get custom fit by the best fitters in the game for your new TS wood.